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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:04

Planning Protocol was signed in a ceremony

Planning Protocol was signed in a ceremony
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Gediz Forest Management Directorate forest management planning protocol was signed .

Kütahya news: Photo Kütahya Regional Directorate of Forestry reported that management plans made ​​at the final stage. Photo Kütahya Regional Directorate of Forestry is the management plans Gediz Forest Management Directorate forest management plan protocol Forestry Regional Director Ibrahim Ergüven also took place with the participation .
protocol meeting on forest management and Guidance Control Chief of s.ümit Orange, Akin spear , Regional Vice President Mujahid Eracar , Forest Administration, Planning and Silviculture Branch Manager , Forest Operations Manager , a member of the Control Organization and Operations Supervisor and Contractor Engineer and joined company officials .
Guidance and Control Functional as Chief Engineer in connection with the plans ; They expressed their satisfaction due to attend the meeting to the Regional Director .
Regional Director gave a speech at the meeting, Ibrahim Ergüven , leaving 20 Business objectives in the planned area forests annually according to these functions , Business Class and Administration time had been identified and more rigorous to be treated during the conduct of these studies he said I should .
then chief terms respectively Gediz, Çukurören , the Muratdağı Yeşilçay and Şaphane was checked by reading the protocols of chieftaincy and were signed . Photo contractor between Kütahya Regional Directorate of Forestry officials of the administration during the construction of the forest management plan Last Protocols defining the request ; signed in all Business Office. Photo Regional Director Ibrahim Ergüven , then signing protocol Gediz Forest Management Directorate Yeşilçay forest management units Sazak made ​​observations in the field of afforestation in the village . Gediz Forest Operations Manager Regional Manager Nurettin information from Dağdelen area ; weed clearance, tillage and land preparation made ​​over 69.22 hectares supervised work in the field. ( ME-EFA)


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