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  • 21 Ekim 2013, Pazartesi 11:44

Play Effendi told us that the devil

Play Effendi told us that the devil
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Reverend Gülen, 'published in the' input '-with Output Transfers and Suizan virus' drew attention to an important matter in his latest chat

in recent days due to blood pressure and hospitalization for arrhythmia and then discharged from the bottom of the Reverend new photos of Fethullah Gulen was published in. 2 new photo sharing site on Effendi was broadcast at the last instant. Effendi Bamteli chat believers should avoid the danger of Suizan belirterek'girdili-output aktarmalar'olarak describes, beginning and end of their distorted, cut a very different sense, to the words of the innocent who transfer can be pointed out. Here Effendi sections on all the latest photos and chat.


This time I asked what works hand gems., so the devil:"We gave unto the hearts of the mosque there are people who Abidin. outside when they, their follow me to drag them away from the atmosphere and keep the gems in my hand."he said. man for himself have wondered whether it is a ship, and the devil,"Which of my ship?"he asked. Satan,"There is no need to Geme for you, you have already had a chance to come from behind a small flag!" he said. ( 1:55)

* Satan creates a bad atmosphere around some persons, there are moments of levity blows, moves depicted in superstition, in the nature of man and sensual exacerbate feelings of hatred, wrath of the stimulates feelings so that individuals reduce their sights obscure network, heads returned. Yeah, that constantly blows vesveselerini stops, he or she blow trumpets Inside diyalektiklerle gilded words and convert sound. gilt to deceive (in order, non-decorated and deceptive) say the words . So vahyeder and Mark is an allusion to the series as the ornate, gilded words that are inspiring, they are just outside the enchanted şeytanlıklarına süsüne ministers, and their gullible. Inside this perspective, the demons jinn latifelerimizi may strengthen against the onslaughts, onlardaki egoistic/diabolical traps intensify the strength of response in this regard to the Koran Allah commanded sığınmamız drill is required:

"You say:What Rabbi! Devils vesveselerinden, they are found in their next to me (contaminating our atmosphere) I seek refuge in you"(Surah Mu'minun, 23/97-98) Indeed,"when you want to read the Qur'an, seek refuge in Allah from Satan the outcast."(Surat an-Nahl , 16/98) mealindeki verse of the Divine Statement may not be able to benefit fully istiâzeye is due primarily represents. (6:55)

* Devil , entered into by the most positive things helped shape him/darken work. Ahl-i in the world, sometimes"input"and sometimes the"output"misleads people by making. You said it was a good question, a good tevcihte bulunmuşsunuzdur, but the beginning of the end of the queue them a little wink and gone, cut off ears, nose, lips remain disconnected from the middle of something. (9:15)

* us,"Storm in June"is well known in the form of "bandwidth glut"or"sünuh persons who looked for an opportunity to take revenge seasons", which can be called in the days of the ugly drafted with input-output assemblies. For example, C, someone line in the eyes of non-infidel's a living as requested, but you say,"Friend, 'C heathens' You can not say"there it is just"can not say"I blinked back what remains?!."Blah infidels"remains. (10:10)

* However, some journalists such as electronic plate sitting out a sentence:Sticky Thread"Sometimes you can become blind and deaf people in power and strength."Exactly at that time one of the journalists asking"What does that mean?"You too,"Sometimes it does not account for the power and strength of people can make others." you say. However, they have their own feelings and thoughts, according to the phrase can be considered an insult, when I referred to it, the other party "How to say such a thing?" says. Yet, depending on the sentence that you specify a different connection, we conjecture that the difference in what you say something, but the location is changed, when the business cycle shift, the atmosphere farklılaşınca different shades of meaning that matter coming. affair that he had destroyed his heart're a lot of different overtones is launched. (12:00)

* Someone to have bad things about the"Su-i zan"is called . Allah Almighty, the verses, the water-i referred to the ugliness of the membrane other words, the"O ye who believe! Zandan very beware. because the assumption of part (ism) is a sin. research on each other's hidden states."(Surat al-Hujurat, 49/12) commanded. this is because the author of the Nur, counting the four major disease despair, ucb, and with pride in the belief that-i-u conjecture Hüsn officer stated that directly mentioned and people . (14:55)

* God Almighty says:

"O ye who believe, no sinners If you will notice, please investigate it thoroughly, the accuracy of the search. Otherwise, not knowing the fact that a number of evil against those who are doing whether you will regret later."(Surat al-Hujurat, 49/6) Mufassirs, according to the verse in question, a relevant tribe of Bani Mustalik the news was revealed on the occasion of evolving events. Walid bin Uqba, Mustalik sons have been unwilling to give alms and the Prophet as they were preparing to fight Efendimiz'le ulaştırmıştı news. This is very excited by the news and said that some of the companions to attack the rebels immediately punished direction quickly express an opinion themselves. ipso facto fevrîlikleri those few companions, devotion to the religion of Allah, kalblerindeki love of faith, their anger was a result of unbelief and rebellion against. Mustalik sons did not obey the orders of the Apostle of Allah, and give alms yanaşmadıklarını hears hearts stood up immediately and religious zeal Rasul-third of this tribe who rebelled Ekrem Izhar had to fight their intention to hit the road. However, the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) did not accept their battle requests immediately, before the situation that need to be examined and it was determined whether the story is true, and this duty Khaled had appointed to the Prophet. Hazrat Khalid (Radiyallahu anh) Bani Mustalik neighborhood at night there, look around, and he had sent a picket between them. Scouts when I get back, they are committed to Islam Mustalik sons, their call to prayer and the prayers they saw that they were appeared to be news. morning, he went to the sons of Hazrat Khalid Mustalik personally, they did not rebel kat'iyen, protecting their allegiance, alms, and they knew him to perform a task that had been agreed wholeheartedly. witness across the landscape is very pleased with the state of the rest of Hazrat Khalid Rasûlullah'a iletince, The Prophet (alayhi ekmelü't-tehâyâ) Sticky Thread"prudent act of God, the şeytandandır rush. "come. Here, in this event, then the provision will remain until the Last Day, and will shed light on similar issues that always comes to Muslims reduced to the verse. (16:00)

* inputs and outputs, even the most beautiful words uzaklaştırırır genuine sense. For example, Rasul-i Ekrem Effendi,"Nice that there are those who fasted, bestowed only hunger and thirst. Nice that there are those devoted to prayer, not only fatigue and zahmettir bestowed."hadith"nice", which means"rubbe the word"cut off the beginning of the sentence is a totally different meaning when out. (20:50)

* İçleneceği içleyen and exclude from the peace of mind that excludes any value, even though expressed in different ways ihsas and specializations, compositions, and nağmeler the same. because reflecting the souls of their Mir'at-i,-i Zat al-Anwar and sübühât-i Wejh manifested şuâlarıdır. fact, mirrors and capabilities based on capability and istiâblarına sometimes of feeling, perception, and seslendirişler likely to be different, even some of the filtrates iltibaslara may fall in this case, where For the purposes of caution, vigilance, and"usûlüddîn"adherence to the principles. Our task, however, a number of them in different iltibaslara mahmil finding a plausible is so, should hold off on the doors of Suizan. example, Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi's body considerations and"Ene'l-deserve,"said Mansur al-Hallaj-i should be te'vile hüsnüzanla lyrics nibs. essence,, Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Holiness, your foot hits the ground in Damascus, a persecuted and"Your worship God, at my feet."he says. Some of the types of its ilhadına words will respect a reason. Yet Excellency, interlocutors have begun to worship him nearly as Croesus, and considers the hearts of kaptırdıklarını money. Their worship of this god, is under the feet of expressing the great treasure buried beneath their feet when the sign is understood to be nice. (21:52)

* We are all human beings; said they cut the beginning of words, tear off the end of the middle, which does not gloss deldikleri the water-I can not recommend the declaration. Sticky Thread"I talk to so that neither the inputs nor the outputs of a prisoner would not really me!"Man can not afford it. For example, you (the terrorist operative, is a live bomb which threatens lives of innocent people and the bright face of Islam pitch talking about the ones who spray), you say:"Such traitors, vile creatures that have been Muslims .. in .. the Jews in the Christian in such vile creatures have emerged. Today there or not? (...) So the Muslims, Allah bring them to their senses , give mercy or Dip into the ground! such acts Jews Allah Dip into the ground."But, this is the beginning of sentences and conditions of zikrettiğiniz adjectives, such as"Sticky Thread Such acts ..."from the time they cut back,"the Jews, Allah Dip into the ground!. . Jews Dip the bottom of the earth of Allah"remains."After the speech, these words are not minutes or seconds you get! .." pile up by saying things like evidence is Up above, one can also give rise to incorrect translations is very great evils, and suizanlara. Today, they are observed bitterly. all this"tebyin"to go, there is the issue behind my research. Do not call"original band, let's look at the back of the front of the word! Do you have input, output Is there?"Hasty spirits and already biased/conditioned those who are just a virtue of that first sensation is the judgment, so enmities, grudges, hatred is triggered. (26:44)

* Suizan disease, but also that it is a virus that's infected you are to others when you roll it out. (32:28)

* A when judging people on the news about its worldview, philosophy of life, stopped to look at the place and in the course of that time must ever. example, voluntary service, and gave himself for the world dedicated to the people who do not have the stones planted. these begged"for God's sake, for the sake of the prophet, What happens when you point to enter politics, make MPs, undersecretary Be Be manager."pattern, they responded as follows:"Go, you love Allahını! Alhamdulillah have any understanding of people representing this job. A If you want to have a line of people, if you want to B B people are thinking along the lines of almost all people ... If you're, they represent the job, and you see which one of them beneficial to the country and the nation helpful seeing the election of it do you, you choose., but to engage in that work, not necessarily nemalanmak, utilization, an authority ambition to have a sit down and get a share ... not true. profession as, by the end of Hazrat Pir true to his word:euzu billahi mineşşeytani vessiyaseti:Allah protect us from the devil, and politics. It is not something that refuge in Allah, but we are, self-i 'ld-t kelimetullaha committed, dedicated people substituents seat of the spirit of our profession as Allah protect us from it."(34:52)

* As a people, the location of need to look at to judge it. You think something about someone. then entered the age of fifty, sixty, seventy, seventy-five years of age, and she entered the small requests on this subject has not been found so far, then you get up and think about the negative things about him inhirafının indicate that there is an idea, and you are experiencing a shift in thinking before you know it at all. In this respect, before making a judgment about the number of people who call and drop is very important, then many issues"They would say that these people/things will are not."be called. (37:13)

* Our task,"Sticky Thread believers that we not only offer all the negative things that are unlikely to patronize. Muslims would do evil, they prevent their service, they do not service them unlikely takacaklarına trip." , and thus approach the issue of considerations which warranted plague/ikileştirmemektir trouble. (41:10)

* Public prayer is as follows:

"O Hayyu, ya Qayyum (the owner of real life and sustains the universe), we wish to help you mercy sake, all our humor breeding action, and in the blink of the eye, or even more to get a short time to leave us alone nefsimizle!"(41:54)

Play Effendi told us that the devil" comments for.


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