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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:22

Play Waiting to have dried figs

Play Waiting to have dried figs
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Nazilli district of Aydın in the garden of the house to dry figs laid to shellfish monitoring of stealing four cronies arrested by the gendarmes .

Aydın news: 2-mile chase vehicle in the event that took place from 1 to 4 people detained were arrested and sent to prison .
Edinilen event Nazilli 20 kilometers from the Haydarlı occurred in the neighborhood . Zk'y started taking notice of figs was theft from the exhibition Nazilli District Gendarmerie Command teams did research in the village . Examining security camera gendarmerie , by detecting a suspicious vehicle was reported to the police . Questioning the vehicle's license plate gendarmerie teams, log in to the district determines that began after the follow-up . Gendarmerie team understands that he noticed the suspect in the vehicle within the city tried to escape quickly . After about 3 miles long car chase to stop the gendarmerie in the vehicle YD , SS, YD and detained in c.c.'y . A search in the car were seized 80 pounds of dried figs . Theft, criminal record , especially the large number of suspects , the gendarmes were sent to court after the statement . Court with a criminal record for theft of two CC Nazilli arrested and sent to the E-Type Closed Prison , while YD suspects , SS and Y.D. was released pending trial . Seized in the incident figs were delivered to their owners .

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