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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 19:33

Pleasure boats on Lake Sapanca over pain

Pleasure boats on Lake Sapanca over pain
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Kocaeli ( dpa)-Sapanca Lake in Kocaeli wanting to cool in the young people who graduated from high school with one of their facilities ashore , while the other was killed .

Kocaeli news: Depending on
Esme Kartepe district in the town of Danube Muhammad (18) and Melissa K. ( 18) View friends allegedly suffocation from the scorching heat on and off the Sapanca Lake by boat , you want to cool in the lake . After a swim in this lake began to struggle K. Melih young people , reaching out with its own facilities ashore fled in panic . Friends of the Danube Muhammad died by drowning . Eyewitnesses foretold by police and search and rescue teams arrived at the scene immediately . Muhammad , who died in the lake in the search for the body of the Danube Sakarya Civil Defense teams and two senior sergeant from the Marine Corps frogmen also attended. Tuna's body was found in a depth of 12 meters Sapanca Lake . Seeing the body of the unfortunate young relatives when migrating a nervous breakdown , while some relatives had fainted . Review of First Instance then unfortunate young man's body was removed to the Morgue Cemetery .
Police launched an investigation into the incident .

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