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Pleasures in Balıkesirspor site

Pleasures in Balıkesirspor site
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Spor Toto Super League's new team Balıkesirspor , outside the stadium at the University of Balikesir was the first celebration .

Balıkesir news: Spor Toto Super League's new team Balıkesirspor , outside the stadium at the University of Balikesir was the first celebration .
Balıkesirspor Club President Danube Aktürk , technical director Ismail Ertekin , team captain Mohammad Reis and the other players Balikesir University Industrial Science and Technology Community ( EBİTET ) , organized by the \"Campus Champions Var-private \"event to attend .
hall of the student population in the activities organized by the individual entering the alarm was fitted to the players and technical team medals . Engineering, Faculty of Architecture at the event held at the amphitheater filled the hall , students'Balkes'ears rang with the cheering . BAU Vice-Chancellor Professor . Dr. . Bedri Yüksel a short speech of thanks and celebration at the event Balıkesirspor Aktürk Tuna Club President Ismail Ertekin with a coach , team captain, was awarded to Muhammad Reis . Balkes students with flags and cheering in the stadium literally turn the amp on the university team was given to a representative of the championship trophy . Great enthusiasm that has the students at the university with the question-answer session Speaking at the club president , the coach and the team captain significant descriptions found .
AKTÜRK: \" MANAGEMENT If you come to our coach Ismail ERTEKİN 'Dr. \"
Balıkesirspor Coach Ismail Ertekin , students posed Spor Toto Super League Balıkesirspor the beginning whether to continue form of the question , \"At first I was here I will not be president, I need to ask . after that, we think , \"he replied gave .
After that, the field Balıkesirspor Club President Danube Aktürk end of this month which will be the usual convention recalling , \"our teacher remain in the point , our hearts we always Hocamızdan side. And our door hocamıza always open. months at the end of the congress have the convention will come from according to the decision we came to management if we will try our Ismail Ertekin is our teacher . declared at the'm also here , \"he said .
President mentioned that Aktürk received great applause .
\" PRESENT STATE should be modernized \"
Balıkesirspor President Aktürk Danube , Sports Toto Super League lack of capacity of the stadium as spectators to problems resolved with the construction of new stadiums in response to a question about the current stadium by modernizing their choice in favor of continuing , he said. Aktürk , \"State about the Youth and Sports Directorate some studies there . But , we as a club , we believe the stadium available over the more modernized by making the stay . Because big cities, when we look at the stadium how many out of town coming off the fans that are running low. That's why our if prompted in the club, our thoughts stadium available onsite to modernize direction , \"he said .
Danube Aktürk this year, students combine what they do, management again if they come the same practice will continue , pass the league regarding the use of the no club will do something , whether everyone should get used to this system in Turkey , he said.
ERTEKİN: \" RAMBO was amazing BASARAN \"
Balıkesirspor PTT League 1'deyka , \"the League at least a second-place finish \"goal by performing Spor Toto Super League Ismail Ertekin successful managers who are the real owners of this achievement \"My Rambo ,\"he said footballers . Ertekin , \"The secret of success you saying that the actual praise my players deserves . We this season started with the right planning, the right players , the right management , the right audience and the right work started with . Than 10 months since my Rambo these difficult circumstances incredible succeeded . Every kind of air conditioned all kinds of tactics must adapt to have . other teams amazing technology shortcoming though we each player like Rambo for 10 months so far, 500 exercise conducted 500 training . Championships do not come easy . Rambo also working towards are we in the end such happy are you also happy we are , \"he said .
Balıkesirspor in celebration event on the campus of the University of team captain Mohammad Reis special interest. Completed the season with 19 goals Muhammet Reis'goal king', while the kingdom with the same number of goals shared with Manisaspor Perovic . With a target of 15 goals that season starts , with 19 goals stated that the kingdom was happy to have reached Mohammed, the breaking points towards the championship they play away matches with the Mersin İdmanyurdu said . Muhammet Reis , \"To me Balıkesirspor remain at about the turning points Tuna presidential first sight the moment I and Balıkesirspor I got to the moment. Championship breaking point of the Mersin İdmanyurdu we were playing with matches . I championship breaking the match was . Because they are also a strong contender had them there, do we beat were supposed to and we went 1-0 , we beat . I match it think it is . My score is really not so important , what is important success of the team was . I per season myself 15 goals target reap did it 19 goals as I finished . My 19 goals throw me the biggest My coach and teammates'm factors . All of the foot and your heart health , \"he said .
\"REIS' TEN Tanju Colak ' Penalties SUBMISSION \"< br/> Last match on a penalty kick and another penalty in the same corner, use the question about sports man Tanju Colak in reference to the respondents Muhammet Reis , \"so far, seven one penalty kick I've used , and 7 also that corner I hit . Balıkesir Trabzonspor we were playing with mugs match , except in that match I was at the center of the castle . But the other 7 I hit the same corner . Even Tanju Colak a state was waving to us , he changed the corner . I did not change and all was when I hit goal , \"he said .
Will remain in Balıkesirspor also answer the question as a successful team captain ,\"First, there is the convention . As long as the head of the Danube , and he knows I'm here . Congress will wait for him at the moment . Tuna UmUn president can promise I will be here when he won . But I do not know what happens to other results . I can not say something to him . After all we are professionals , we are trying to own bread , everyone is struggling to make money . I go in my name and on behalf of the team , if I stayed here on behalf of the team here I say get it anyway auspicious , \"he said .

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