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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:33

Plenty of magnificent Nature Charms

Plenty of magnificent Nature Charms
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Four seasons in Bolu , filled with distinctive beauty , municipalities'Nature's heart Bolu doing to promote the natural beauty of the slogan .

Bolu news: Scenic hiking trails created by the Bolu Municipality sees about big by nature lovers. Mayor of Bolu Aladdin Yilmaz, \"the natural beauty of the section, we introduce all the world ,\"he said . Photo made ​​by Bolu, Turkey's longest nature trail hiking municipality having a lot of interest by the citizens . Mayor of Bolu Aladdin Yilmaz also attended by'Karadere Hiking Track joined the large number of citizens . In Bolu entranced with a magnificent nature , the sound of birds in the woods and the sound of water from the creek to fascinate everyone. Photo Bolu Mayor Aladdin Yilmaz, adding that fit into the portion of the container , \"Bolu no longer have a city that fit into the container. The beauty of our city all over the world'or we will introduce . we are working for about four years on Bolu thousand 500-kilometer scenic hiking trails , and now began to take shape. they determine our friend Karadere track and have finished the markings on the track. Today we have the opportunity to walk here with very nice people in this course. First with nature be nested , a nice feeling to do sports . plenty of natural paradise one of our city and we Bolu for it'Nature'heart'also exist. nature's Heart Bolu team also is working hard on the walkways and take them off to walk nature of our people. our current team when you look pretty a team crowd. It had the opportunity to walk up to people intertwined with nature that most people can not possibly know . But if this is the future Plenty of tourist town with not being able to walk just as we must succeed Bolulular in Turkey and the participation of anyone who likes to walk in the world , \"he said .


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