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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 22:28

Police Car Truck Tool And they stole They Multiply

Police Car Truck Tool And they stole They Multiply
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Fleeing thieves had stolen police car in Sakarya , two police vehicles during the chase and hit a truck .

Kocaeli news: After one of the thieves accident caught the other fled . According to
information received by PTS cameras located in Sakarya 34 ZKB 18 plated luxury cars Tekirdag identified as stolen from Çorlu district edilince police dropped the vehicle in advance. Founded in Sapanca hitting a vehicle in the car entered the police barricades Kocaeli limit. Sakarya teams in route to the police to report the status of the Istanbul police took measures to stop the vehicle . Very fast navigating vehicle , the police did not stop despite all the warnings . Izmit Kuruçeşme TEM highway vehicles from entering the Istanbul direction , 45 EL 876 plate in the waiting area at the roadside after striking police motorcycle was hit by a truck from behind. Jennifer D. caught by police teams from the ambition of the vehicle. The other thief after 4 shots with a pistol in the hands of the police team event managed to escape the place. Found police officers examine the vehicle from the scene. Indicating that parked car into the waiting area to check the Photo tire truck driver , \"We hit the back of our car from stroke than the car. After 4 We heard gunshots , police arrived teams. We take ourselves ambush we . we see people fleeing , as we understand what it is , \"he said . Photo investigations into the parking lot after the vehicle was taken to police headquarters . Directorate of Public Security Branch police officers being taken for questioning Jennifer D. detained , after 4 shots with a gun launched an operation to arrest the fleeing thief.

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