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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:08

Police çerkezköy the'mushroom'Operation

Police çerkezköy the'mushroom'Operation
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Municipal Police teams in the district of Tekirdağ Çerkezköy held a wild mushroom operation in the public market .

Tekirdağ news: Çerkezköy Municipal Police Deputy Director Kenan Erez , said that the rights of the public health and police security trades . Increased Cerkezkoy Photo Municipality of mushroom poisoning incidents were recently mobilized. In Turkey, experienced mushroom poisoning instructing the Police Department to not live in Çerkezköy Cerkezkoy Mayor Vahap Akay, wild mushroom sales were checked . Police teams on Akay's instructions , organized for those who buy wild mushrooms in the public market .
Police teams during the audit , conducted the sale of wild mushrooms and fungi collected in the stalls who fail to submit the documents. Who personally participated in the audit Cerkezkoy Municipal Police Deputy Director Kenan Erez , congratulated the selling market trades mushroom instead of wild mushrooms . Never Municipal Cerkezkoy stressed they would not allow against products that threaten the health of the Photo Citizens Municipal Manager Kenan Erez , \"the sun after the falling rain has boosted the growth of fungi in an extreme way . he fungi is a very serious danger to the health of any of our sold in the market without being subject to control people. in our audit , together with our team , we have put an end to the sale of mushrooms other than the undocumented and cultivated mushrooms . mushrooms obviously an important food source, but the cultivated mushroom we must eat the mushroom varieties we say . this controls in all markets in Çerkezköy will do often , \"he said . Photo Culture in the market except for mushrooms no fungus noted that realization of the sales Director Kenan Erez , \"while the mushroom can sell production certificate and manufacturers. we made last week destruction of whether a person who sells mushrooms mushrooms in control ÇAMLICA 5326 we applied in accordance with the law 32.madde fine of £ 190 , \"he said .

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