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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:38

Police could not escape from smugglers

Police could not escape from smugglers
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Nigde City Police Department by teams Ulukışla County Nigde-Adana highway Aksaray-Konya direction Eminlik Tolls in front of the made ​​road applications 4.5 kilos of cannabis , 8 thousand 400 packets of counterfeit cigarettes seized two pistols and 12 cartridges of different brands .

Niğde news: Getting to 9 people were arrested related to the incident, was arrested 2 persons. Photo Nigde road applications made ​​between City Police Department teams by 3 to 8 November date , tare weight 4 kilos 360 grams of cannabis , 8 thousand 400 packets of counterfeit cigarettes of different brands , 1 Total Star brand and 1 , including brand Baretta 2 x 9 mm pistol and 8 MKE seized 12 fireworks with construction . Ö.MK regarding Photo Thread , MBA, i . D and about LK named persons \"Drug Possession , use, and while the process of transfer to crime , Ö.MK and MBA named persons were arrested by the judicial authorities that they have been shipped . also 5607 SKM ( smuggled cigarettes ) \"crime R. I, M. C. , G. S. and SKM 6136 process was done about the crime and PS Tu named persons . Individuals, after their statements were released pursuant to the Prosecution Branch instructions . Sought pursuant to an arrest warrant made ​​the necessary procedures have been arrested after one person was referred to the Public Prosecutor's Office Ulukışla was released .


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