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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:22

Police from'heart attack'the denial News

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Van Police Department, search warrant on the hawthorn removed Hope Tunuç detained in order to get the police's heavy weapons, accompanied by three times as a result of bearing arms alone as father Shafiq Tunuç the raided his home denied the news of his death suffered a heart attack .

Van news: Photo Van in a statement from the Police Department in various publications \"DAIS attack on the search warrant in the hawthorn on the grounds that they protested removed Hope Tunuç (20) into custody in order to get the police's father his raid 3 times a house , accompanied by heavy weapons Shafiq Tunuç the to arms, endurance suffered a heart attack as a result of research carried out over the news that lost their lives in the direction specified. the statement, \"the report does not reflect the fact that issues forth . October 9, 2014 the day after the press release from the Van-hawthorn , security forces and some political parties after made ​​stoned for county offices incident face of the security camera footage on the memories of masked and stone of residence in order to catch the person assigning the diagnosis made ​​Hope Tunuç is home , 17 October 2014 on the morning law enforcement officials in 6:40 as well and were made with Pinarbasi the mayor , the mother and separated from the address of his father's hope of making hawthorn Republic testify invited by informing house calls to families of the sons in accordance with the instructions of the Attorney General on the declarations of the form they know that you are not at home and where you are. Entering the home, as alleged in the news or a gun to the head of the father character is unfounded and defamatory allegations Shafiq Tunuç completely. Invited to express operations were carried out in accordance with the law and the testimony neighborhood headman. Person only once, contrary to the assertion of residential addresses were made on October 17 , 2014. On the other hand hope Tunuç person named father during Shafiq Tunuç the event despite the allegedly had a heart attack , partys 17 October not 2014 days , 17 days after he admitted to November 4, 2014 day of sickness, hospital and it was found to have died the next day, \"the statement said.

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