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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 30 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:11

Police from the bilecik Helmets Motorcycle Driver Alert

Police from the bilecik Helmets Motorcycle Driver Alert
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Bilecik Police attached to Traffic Registration and Inspection Branch , warned about motorcycle riders wear helmets .

Bilecik news: Bilecik Police attached to Traffic Registration and Inspection Branch , warned motorcyclists in helmets. Photo made ​​that statement, although it is important to wear helmets of motorcycle riders and it was stated that at the same time be a legal obligation . Injury occurring in Bilecik'and in mortal motorcycle accident attention plays an important role in the drive to traffic without taking any precautions authorities , the death of helmets by saying that one of the audits of the received traffic measures and was made in the description to avoid injury . Motorcycle accidents each year because they think that human life is lost or injured , often fatal motorcycle accident in drive traffic team indicating that they use helmets, drivers must use a pointed helmet . Photo ELECTRIC BICYCLE DRIVE DE HELMET to TAK In addition to the Photo Gasoline motorcycle as particular electric bikes of the driver is subject to the same rules and the conservation title of the made ​​changes in regulations , the electric bike rider ( helmet ) insert due to the necessity to be , in order to drive , protective headgear ( helmet ) was expressed as vital addition to being a legal requirement to install it. Statements made were given to the following issues;
< strong> HELMET, is MOTORCYCLES the sine qua non Photo \"Motorcycles, the cause of death due to injury in traffic accidents in our country takes place during the first . 20 percent injury rate in car accidents , motorcycle accidents , this rate 80 per cent is above . motorcyclists compared to those in vehicle in traffic accidents 16 times with more death and injury. Helmet, through the viewfinder while driving face powder , which prevents the escape of substances such as insect most importantly, the accident is the most important safety equipment that protects against instant driver and injury to the passenger's head. Statistics have been found to be made by the driver and installing most of the helmets of fatal motorcycle accidents are analyzed . the helmet directly to the head , prevents trauma to the soft tissues and bones of the skull in the head. the helmet to wear motorcyclists indicates that the responsible people . the most important factor is the sine qua non motorcycle motorcycle helmet. Standard protective helmet protects 80 percent of the severe head injury and fatal consequences. Drivers should be more careful after dark for the use of motorcycles . In defining characteristics should wear clothes . Mirrors should always be checked. Being of our citizens can use their driver's licenses and motorcycle helmets and subject to the security measures. They remain deprived of this pleasure. The body of a driver using a motorcycle helmet-free insurance . That's why we want to put on their citizens using all motorcycle helmet . Photo Bilecik'do not comply with traffic rules , does not allow police to use motorcycle helmets and incompetent . Motorcycle control of the police , criminal proceedings applies . Bilecik drivers in the audit documentation , as well as controls carried out in many places , whether they have used in the motorcycle helmet use is attention. Helmet takmayıp rules that do not conform drives in accordance with the Traffic Act Highway 85 pounds is applied to administrative fines. \"Photo AUDIT will become crowded Photo Traffic Control Branch officials also sıklaştırılarak controls for motorcycles as well in the future will be sustained and determined the rules violation and required traffic control were reported missing in connection with legal sanctions will be applied .

Police from the bilecik Helmets Motorcycle Driver Alert" comments for.


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