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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 19:04

Police Response System from heavy Injured Young Mother

Police Response System from heavy Injured Young Mother
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Fatih M. T. Mert attacked the police line

İstanbul news: Fatih M. T. Mert attacked the police line (24) was gunned down defused . Injured police treatment while Mehmet Avci , the attacker scene seriously injured were taken to intensive care at the hospital. Everyone at the hospital when his mother drowned in tears ,'Why did you shoot him in the leg , not the beginning , saying he police system. Photo Yesterday, drug use and resistance from the police detained and released today Mert MT, came after Kocamustafapaşa released. Allegedly, alcohol also Mert MT, which came into the hands of a street line . Meanwhile, the police team's attacking street broke the glass of the car. Down while trying to figure out the events on the one hand, police believe the attacker tried to calm attacks . Meanwhile, the attacker's mother and some relatives came to the event for a long time tried to calm individual. But somehow not calm young , wounded by shooting himself in the head with the line approaching the police. Thereupon Mert MT, began to wrestle with the police who intervened to him. Exploding bullet from a gun during a struggle , the person was hit under the chin. With a severely injured young police officer Mehmet Avci was referred to the Istanbul Education and Research Hospital in Samatya with separate ambulance. Photo Photo POLICE INTERVENTION Site Photo Mert MT'the continued treatment in intensive care, with relatives from time to time between police scuffled hospital . Young relatives waiting in front of the hospital crying , reacted to the police. MT Mert's mother,'Why did you hit in the leg during the beginning of intervention not saying he slam. From time to time the decline was prevented by the intervention of the media savvy citizens. Photo Photo EVENTS MOBILE CAMERA BY THE LAST MOMENT ON THE ROAD with a citizen's views Photo On the other hand , the events on the road by a passing citizen were recorded on a cell phone every two seconds . Images , the rows in the hands of Mert M. T. Visible tensions between police teams. Occasionally seen lying motionless on the ground immediately after the hand-in-line shot that hit the pole on the sidewalk individuals observed . Photo Police launched an extensive investigation into the incident . Who is that young people will win by a shot after the ballistic examination to be made clear. Photo

Police Response System from heavy Injured Young Mother" comments for.


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