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  • 01 Ekim 2013, Salı 11:23

Police warned, do not do it

Police warned, do not do it
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Cyber ​​Crimes Department, warned citizens downloading programs from the internet

Cyber ​​Crime Police Department, internet software download sites became a member of the contract should be read carefully in order to prevent future victimization should be possible said.

cyberspace, Cyber ​​Crime Department Answering questions from citizens, a vatandaşın'Dosya, the program became a member of download sites, after a short period of time that members charge by e-mail from the site is what can I do? 'question clarified. The program should be read carefully taken care of download sites became a member of the contract Cyber ​​Crime Department statement,"Sticky Thread became a member of such sites, the accepted membership of the contract must be read carefully. Many people accepted without paying attention to some of the ingredients in these agreements on membership fees are available. Such sites are aimed to gain by using the advantage of this situation. In case of such situations in the country is located in the center of the consumer web site of the arbitral tribunal, if the company is located abroad, the public prosecutor or the police and gendarmerie units should be submitted in person ."testimony was given.


Police warned, do not do it" comments for.


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