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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 15:31

Police were alerted on the Feast of Zonguldak

Police were alerted on the Feast of Zonguldak
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Zonguldak Police Department, were alerted ahead of the upcoming Eid al-Adha .

Zonguldak news: Raised to the highest level of safety measures , from tomorrow for the feast 344 police , 35 supervisors will be on duty .
Zonguldak Police Department teams, will take place across the city before the feast of mobility due to increased security measures . Police Chief Osman Ak with the arrival of a noticeable change lives Zonguldak Police Department of the city, in every point , citizens cozy holiday shopping in order to make the police commissioned.
Especially in the city center on foot , acting as teams , theft, fraud and counterfeit money incidents will not happen will open the eyes . Riot and official police teams , as well as at a desk working cops , before the feast will work .
By the Security Directorate said in a statement , \"Oct. 3, 2014 Friday, starting from Eid al-Adha holidays because our citizens and property safety at the highest level facility to be able to , before the feast , feast days and festivals later , including in the city center may occur in the event to avoid actual and potential events to take immediate action in order to 1 to 12 October 2014. between the office connected to our all our branches are created by special teams and general safety precautions in addition to a series of measures have been taken \"the statement said.
Public Security Directorate and other departments of the city center occurred in the events that prevent and potential events to take immediate action to governmental and nongovernmental teams patrol services as well as pedestrian teams accredited drawn attention , \"our people , especially where the shopping malls, railway station , bus stations , cemeteries, mosques, livestock markets and sacrificed in place of counterfeit money and fraud, money and animal theft, pickpocketing, mugging and other public prosecutions against the team and the number of personnel was increased to the maximum level . Eid prayer , which will serve as an intensive weapons crews reinforced the measures have been taken against throwing incident . Directorate of Local and Regional Traffic Control Branch ; In our city, the shopping and entertainment centers , railway station, bus station , mosques , cemeteries, public intensively can be found victims sales-cut with locations Gazipasa street , Kope street , Soğuksu Republic Street , National Sovereignty street , Bitterness Station Street and surrounding roads , Ankara way Bulent Ecevit street as the vehicle density much the main arterial roads , intersections and routes, additional measures have been taken .
in addition, inter-provincial travel intensive due to bus controls at the highest level and seasonal conditions , taking into account monitoring the bus station in the number of employees increased , our city all main street at intersections , situated CSMS cameras and traffic accidents and traffic measures related to all kinds of measures to citizens feast in peace spend and safely to travel aimed \"expressions were used .
cemeteries wait for the police to be
Second Scissors positions Municipal Garage located next to the road to Ankara on the edge of the victims sales area , the victim cutting area designated as ÇAYDAK the district, the municipal slaughterhouse , Vineyards New neighborhood Asphalt Plants found in the victim cutting area , Progress neighborhood Aslansu street no 54 No. located at the victim cutting area and other victims in our area of ​​responsibility in sales and cut-off point would the deployment of fixed traffic team said in a statement , \"Suspended Asri Cemetery supplements team will be available at the site . Also at this point, assigning pedestrian traffic cops comfortable and smooth flow of traffic will be ensured .
Directorate of Community Policing Branch ; In particular, victims of outlets and shopping places are concentrated in areas where incidents of fraud against counterfeit money and our people have been informed. General informational purposes as Bazaar and Soğuksu Police Authorities zones evaluated together 2/10/2014 day municipal wedding hall peace meeting was held \"the statement said .
recently increased bonzai and drug use and related drug traffickers formed against narcotics teams and with other teams take the necessary measures note that said , \"especially in public transportation vehicles and used illegally entering our country made ​​number 10 oil on the supervision and operations is increased; against animal trafficking of counterfeit money and teams were formed.
the measures taken in this regard in the city center ; 21 Local and Regional Traffic Team, 13th Public Security Branch Team, 1 TEM Branch Team, 1st Security Branch Team, 2 Smuggling Organization and Children's Police Team, 12th Public Security Patrol Team, 3rd riot police patrol team, including A total of 63 teams and patrols including the 01-12 October 2014 from Monday directorate staff from the 35 Supervisors , 344 Police Officer has been appointed .
Zonguldak Police Department as the Feast of Sacrifice during the public order is peace and well-direction in the protection during the day human movement across the fairly dense areas ( bus station, train station , etc.). foot patrols and motorized team through crime ( robbery , burglary, larceny , fraud, counterfeit money , etc. . ) and the guilty combat of the relevant laws and regulations in the context of people's well-being in terms of providing selfless continuing our efforts \"statements took place.

Police were alerted on the Feast of Zonguldak" comments for.


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