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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:20

Police with guns terrorizing Persons Arrested

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An alcoholic party in Ümraniye , during the conquest of the weapons of the police in the fight , had moments of fear to those around .

İstanbul news: Person who fired at random into the environment, then the long efforts to persuade the police arrested were taken to safety . Photo Event ; Ümraniye occurred in the morning . Hamza Yerlikaya on the Boulevard, a fight between a group of output in the morning. Police team was dispatched to the scene to intervene in the fight . During the fight , Ali E. alcoholic , taking advantage of thoughtfulness which weapons the police opened fire left and right. The crew on the scene supplements , medical teams and was referred to special operations teams. Photo Police , Ali E has had a long time to convince chat . Police from time to time to get close to Ali E.'Y water was served. An angry looking E. Ali \"He individuals coming here ,\"he wanted to be the person they were fighting. The party kicks into a police car , took a call police fire weapon in your hands while talking . The chance to look back to where the barrel weapons prevented a major disaster .
Then made ​​to convince Ali E. After work, he continued to fire on stage . Special operations work on the extension of the persuasion took their places in the roof. However, the event was more than convinced Ali E. elongation was taken to safety . Photo Police launched an investigation into the incident .

Police with guns terrorizing Persons Arrested" comments for.


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