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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:02

'Poor Families Project' to Expanding in Siirt

'Poor Families Project' to Expanding in Siirt
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Siirt Governor's Office, conducted by Zübeyde High School 'Poor Families Project made by other schools in the sample, gave instructions for dissemination.

Siirt news: Siirt Governor's Office, conducted by Zübeyde High School 'Poor Families Project made by other schools in the sample, gave instructions for dissemination.
Teachers 'conference chaired by the Deputy Governor Bahadir nomads in the meeting held with the participation of all school principals, which have made Zübeyde High School' Poor Families Project dissemination were discussed. Deputy Governor Bahadir nomad, as the state is always in need of assistance with local host families, he said. Nomad."This is our school last year as this year needy families locate is to help them. This intimate work because of this our families face laughing. Students' behavior of this sample we are satisfied. Governorship this project last year as this year will support. Project students many things on his own ability to win the next life, the challenges of learning the life easier I believe. our students, our teachers, our parents in happy will this project to other schools in our life will pass. first in the context of each school has its own student families as a priority five families by identifying the directions will work"said.
Zübeyde School Director Idris Yolbaşı, the beginning of last year 'Poor Families Project started to implement, said:"The project primary aim on students to give aid awareness to create. these projects our school social events within the framework're doing. Firstly from each class of student volunteers groups have created. these students our groups in their classes at school level, and their families on the basis of poor families help're collecting. we administrators and teachers in our environment from charitable we receive help create a pool that we're forwarding. Teachers by our screening as a result of the financial situation is poor, our students with families from outside demands in the direction of homes were visited will be assisted families lists are created. families during their visit needs being identified. Later this family volunteer with our students with these families painting and repair work is done. these students and the challenges of life are learning as well as to poor families to help more aware,"he said .
poor people get together with their joys and sorrows shared, indicating that the PTA President Misbah Yilmaz,"repair work required after the goods with the family's food needs are met. these projects in the final stages of the students in their own homes their meals administrators, teachers and together with students in their homes with family members renews. 2 years realized with this project have helped 35 families. Supports due Siirt Governor Ahmet Aydin, deputy governor Mustafa thank machete,"he said.
meeting of principals express an opinion then ended.

'Poor Families Project' to Expanding in Siirt" comments for.


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