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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:15

Poor Profile Identified in Turkey

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According to the Survey on Income and Living Conditions 2013 results , the annual equivalent of 60 percent of households used the median income individuals with incomes below the 6012 TL was defined as poor.

İzmir news: Photo Turkey Statistical Institute ( TSI) by Income statement made and Living Conditions Survey, the annual equivalent household 60 percent of the available median income according to the 2013 results 6012 TL under poor as defined by individuals with incomes specified. According to the statement , 52.9 percent of the poor in rural areas , 47.1 per cent lives in urban areas. Salary main source of income of poor households and 31.5 percent of wages, wages of 21.9 percent , and 20 percent were comprised of income entrepreneurs . However, the basic livelihood of the percentage of poor households providing social transfers 18 , the rate of providing the income transfers between households are 6.7 percent and marketable securities, the ratio of those providing the income , such as real estate stood at 1.9 percent .
POVERTY MORE VERY crowded households were observed in while the average household size in Turkey Photo 3.6 , was calculated as the average household size of 4.9 poor households . The average household size of 3.4 as specified by non-poor households . Yetişkinl two percent of the households with children in poor households , 48.9 , 32.2 percent of the poor households were found to be three or more children households . Percent 40.2 of the poor households are made ​​up of children households in which more than two adults live. Photo poorer households REIS primary school graduates Photo in poor households , household heads for 52.8 percent of primary school graduates , 2.2 percent of primary school graduates , 7.2 percent rate of increase in the 28.9 percent school is composed of those finishing specifying the middle and vocational school graduates , while the rate of 4.9 percent vocational and technical high rate of graduates of general secondary education students per cent was found to be 2.8 . The proportion of poor households in college or graduate school was determined to be 1.1 percent of household heads .

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