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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:21

Potential Candidate Sword,"the 50th Annual Projections prepared by the project have"

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Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Candidate Candidate Van Edremit Mayor Yılmaz Sword, the 50-year projections prepared with the project, said:"Edremit will come to life with this project,'' he said.

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Van Edremit Mayor Candidate Candidate Yilmaz Kilic, projects a 50-year prediction prepare, said:"Edremit with these projects come to life,'' he said.
Van's Edremit district depends Floral Borough Mayor also Yilmaz Kilic, dismissed the 10-year period the resort village visions in the freeing to live a city made, he said. Van's metropolitan status gained with the municipalities of will be closed for 10 years knowledge and experience of Edremit people offer the service because they wanted to run again, he said.
five of them being crazy prepared to give life to explaining how the 35 project districts Sword,"the 10-year period, almost a village's mayor Floral resort that we've addressed a city view. Despite the limited budgets of municipalities' Rights is to serve the public service with the motto have tried endlessly. My goal is to serve my people from the first day of my presidency municipal borough residents with until today, I have endeavored to do the right jobs. As a result of this association, we have signed many beautiful work. Seeing our services avenue for people to be nominated for the second time made a very serious pressures. When the party nominated me for the second time when our nation was elected as mayor. Presidency in the second period of service in the resort we took our people together. I'm just not the troubles of their communities and neighborhoods in the surrounding villages who wish to support our facilities proportion've served all our citizens. For problems later tried to fulfill our duties. Town, although it is outside our borders who requested assistance from our municipal refuse their demands have no time. Our municipality to serve as our borders are not spared. 'Hakka services for the public service' the door who stole our understanding of the extent of our power to support the people's aspirations,"he said.
wants to Citizens Edremit district for the potential candidate is also telling Yilmaz Kilic, the township people as well as the Edremit district and in the villages of citizens 10 years of his services to continue for another term candidate wants to be off to told. Local dynamics and frequent exchange of ideas found in many underlines Yilmaz Sword , the project prepared to then start the group said. Sword, prepared and Van significant public repercussions projects, a team of experts working together preparing, stressing that"this project while preparing the second general counsel, two architects, one hortomacultural, 1 interior architect, one agricultural engineer and one the on-site inspections by civil engineers have prepared. Edremit district can be done to become more liveable our projects we've created. Approximately 35 units have prepared the project and only 5 of them even unimaginable for Edremit district are very large project. In the words of our Prime Minister 'Crazy Projects', but projects are not pale. Do not confuse it. All projects are studies that can be implemented with a reasonable budget. If I have not selected all of these projects will spend life in a very short time,'' he said.

Potential Candidate Sword,"the 50th Annual Projections prepared by the project have"" comments for.


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