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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:59

Poultry industry's export target of $ 2.6 billion in 2025

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White Meat Producers and Breeders Association Association ( BESD-BIR) , Official data of the previous year and 8 months of poultry production in 2014 increased by 5.8 percent compared to the same period has announced that 1.275.000 reached tons.

İstanbul news: Photo of July during the first 10 months of 2014, the contribution of rising export sales to Russia amounted to 357 545 Starting tons of chicken meat . The objective of poultry meat industry is one of the key sectors of the Turkish economy for the production of chicken meat extract to 3.35 million tons in 2025 . The export target for 2025, the sector has the potential to become a global player 2.6 billion. Photo White Meat Producers and Breeders Association Association ( BESD-BIR) issued recently Chicken Meat Sector Report to share with the public the results of the 2014 06 held a meeting on Thursday, November Wyndham Grand Hotel . Speaking at the meeting BESD-BIR Chairman Dr. Said her husband and BESD-BIR Board Member Nezihe Gencer, Turkey chicken meat sector shared the current status of the assessment by sector in the world and in Turkey, the future has announced its targets. Of chicken meat production performed as in family enterprises Photo 1970 1990 stating that the year begins to develop in line with the investment made by Dr. Sait Koca ; \"This development production in parallel with the rise and in 1990, 162,569 tons of chicken meat production volume in 2000 662,096 tons of 4.1-fold in 2013, has reached the 11th floor with 1.791 million tons. Broiler meat production in 2013 compared to 2000 2.7 I have reached the floor. winged continued to grow in 2014, meat production , in the first 8 months of 2014. Official data showed an increase of 5.8 percent compared to the same period last year stood at 1.275 million tons. 95 per cent of chicken meat production in our country, integration with is carried out by the company . our country aim of the great importance of chicken meat production to healthy nutrition of the population in 2025 to reach 3.35 million tons and more people reach the chicken , which is a reliable source of protein , \"he said . Photo from consumption in parallel with production in Turkey Dr. indicating increased Her husband added, said:\"We see that the total broiler meat consumption in Turkey's long gone. In 2012, the United States, 43.2 kg , 42.7 kg per capita chicken meat consumption in Brazil to Turkey, only 19 , 4 kg . Turkey turkey meat consumption because of the habit can not go above a certain level . we have no pork consumption. as an industry , our society is to increase the consumption of white meat and are targeting an important source of protein to be consumed in larger quantities by more people chicken. the goal of our industry, Turkey chick meat consumption to remove 25.6 kg in 2025 . incentives we receive from the government and support to be able to find 40 kg of this amount . we have the capacity in the industry, our country also bears this potential. in this regard, Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry \"rural Development Investment Grant Program''under the cluster to support the construction we welcome as a positive development . However, on increasing the consumption of a number of tasks, we believe that our fallen state .''Photo shows Turkey's poultry meat exports increased regularly over the last 6 years with the momentum gained in 2008 . Iraq , Turkish Republics , Syria, Libya , Saudi Arabia , Iran, stating that China and started to make sales in recent months, the country's exports of importance to Russia Dr. Said HUSBAND:\"We achieved a total export of 357 545 tonnes during the 10 months of 2014. We expect 450 thousand tons of exports and 725 million USD foreign currency earnings at the end of 2014. Here, the largest share is Iraq . In Russia we start making sales recently both potential also a very important in terms of logistics market. in response to the economic and commercial sanctions Russia's western countries in EU, US , Canada, Australia and the food imports from Norway 1 year to stop the greatest advantage from logistics maintenance which was in favor of including Turkey and beef Russian chick he turned his direction for the import of other food products, including Turkey. Russia to white meat , although there are permits required for sales in the first six months of the year before the embargo decision 52 to 185 tons between our exports that occur in varying amounts , 550 tons in July , August, 2,300 tons , reached 5,900 tons in September . in October 5700 tons of export was performed . as an industry , we demanded quota for 2015 of 150 thousand tons from Russia. Our industry capacity , infrastructure and technical know-how in the production of this level can be satisfied. Our goal is to become permanent even if he tries to blockade the Russian market. There are good opportunities in front of us for that and we are working to capitalize on it as soon as possible with the right strategy , \"he said . Equivalent to EU legislation in the Photo Industry , stating that even if EU countries made ​​production above the standard Dr. HUSBAND , close to a significant portion of potential export markets that the sector is of great advantage , he said products make the difference in exports with the taste and quality. in line with the goals they set taking into account the state of the world market , they expect to happen as 2.6 billion dollars in exchange for approximately 1.37 million tonnes of exports in the sector in 2025 and the Turkish poultry Meat indicating that the potential takes place in the top 3 in the world in the export sector, Dr. hUSBAND stressed that the largest export destination is the European Union and Japan. one of the important markets in the position of giving information about the exports to China Dr. husband , \"other important export an agenda is China. China to regulatory approval processes that take place , we do so indirectly through export tool. This sector therefore means that the annual 22 million USD losing the country. \"He said. Photo BESD Speaking at the meeting-A Board Member Nezihe Young is also the growth in Chicken Meat industry , he said great importance for the Turkish economy. Young ,\"Turkey Chicken Meat industry constantly growing , increase exports quickly , providing intensive agricultural employment and the structure that supports one of the sectors that provide significant added value to Turkish economy. In the poultry industry , raw material producers farmers , industry-related trades , feed, drug-vaccine industry, transportation , running about 600 thousand people, including marketing branches. These people mean the number of people making a living from sector 4 people assuming they have a family I can say that reached nearly 2.4 million . A very important indicator to ensure the livelihood of a sector in our country has a population of 2.4 million people , 76 million . Other sectors that support the sector with the growth of our industry that is growing ecosystem . Increase in production due to labor intensive sector , which means an increase in employment and the reduction of rural-urban migration . Our industry , family farming and rural development will provide new job opportunities will be created as an important contribution. Over 14,000 units of production in the industry today has a set of registered broiler chicken . This set of owners, successfully applied in the sector \"contract farming \"can do continuous production model, is able to get steady income , \"he said .
Reach approximately 3.6 million tons of the total poultry meat production in 2025 and the interior of which 2.3 million tons indicating that they predict the future is to be consumed in the market Sait Koca sector shared goals . Dr. Sait Koca, \"our industry is growing every day. Taking into account the world market situation both in exports and domestic consumption have put targets . EU, Japan , Egypt, entered did not enter the market , such as our work in Pakistan will continue intensively . We are comprised of a majority Muslim country offers great advantages in selling to other Muslim countries , these benefits will translate into an opportunity. Particularly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will increase our exports in significant way. Encourage and support the growth of our state will provide on our industry and our goal of becoming a global player in world poultry sector possible . Then sector will be provided with an environment to grow the entire ecosystem . Sector carries this potential , \"he said .

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