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  • 30 Eylül 2014, Salı 21:24

Prandelli:\"Now we'll go out and War \"

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Galatasaray coach Cesare Prandelli and Blerim Dzemaili footballers , UEFA Champions League with Arsenal tomorrow they will play in Group D were found in the pre-match statement .

Londra news:
Galatasaray coach Cesare Prandelli , a tough encounter will go on , said:\"Tomorrow is a hard match will be . experienced opponent'll play . our own game play will work . , but balanced the play we need to . us try to force things . Arsenal's key players missing but the team also quality players full team. teams play they know. we are a great team as we always do as he gets out of our game will try to play , \"he said .
\" bIG as a team to go out and our war wILL \"
Running a team that should be stated that Prandelli ,\"Sivasspor against the running distance we 110km was. these European average. every match this average to fasten want . against Arsenal at all times as we did running and a team struggling'll see . Great as a team tactics come our war will give. now on you can be sure . played our game we will , \"he said .
\" Sneijder in the new position TALENT better versed \"
Sneijder's current Current position play better experienced technical man said , \"Sneijder in the new position and personality as well as their ability to make calls better . Here we think would be more effective . This experience is very important. Totally did not see what we can do at the moment . Our game added a lot we can , \"he said .
Dzemaili:\" our own game tactics reflecting CORE should go \"
Galatasaray players Blerim Dzemaili , however, a balanced match would be saving,\"Against our act together There are an Arsenal . We play very good , good defense , making it our own game tactics , reflecting the need to exit the game . Equal to pass will be a match , \"he said .
yet four matches to play and the team warm stated that the Dzemaili, \"More form to enter you need to . The first match was not bad , but how I did not see anyone that I was a player . I've come to a new team . I need my teammates and the team warm-up . Galatasaray want to do a very good job . I'm glad to be here , \"he said .
Galatasaray, the UEFA Champions League Group D will face Arsenal in the second match tomorrow .

Prandelli:\"Now we'll go out and War \"" comments for.


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