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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 18:00

Precipitation in Trabzon Negative Affect Life

Precipitation in Trabzon Negative Affect Life
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In the district of Trabzon landslides caused by heavy rainfall over the viewing of Trabzon Mayor GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU , \"We're in business to complete .

Trabzon news: Property damage is put in place , Allah (SWT) , thank goodness loss of life, no , \"he said .
Trabzon throughout Saturday to Sunday on the night , starting yesterday all day, continuing rains because at many points landslides occurred . < br/> heavy rainfall, especially Şalpazarı , Tonya, primidone , Macka and Tashkent in the district was effective. landslide due Vakfıkebir from Tonya access roads was closed to traffic . Salpazari for accessing the road from occurring due to landslide transport a single lane controlled is given. Flood because of the Trabzon municipality , the Highways , DSI and district municipalities belonging to a total of 120 machines and 400 staff Şalpazarı , primidone , Tonya and Tashkent district , especially in emergencies according to all the districts are working . Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate of work in the district contributed to the situation giving .
the Governor of Trabzon Trabzon Mayor Abdil Jalil Oz Dr. Orhan Fevzi GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU observations found in the landslide area . Under heavy downpour supervise the work of the Governor and the President of Self GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU, loss of life, the joy is in yaşanmamasının said. Landslides in the description in the Governor Abstract:\"Intense rainfall is, therefore, our province in certain areas local landslides, in certain regions flood there . Tonya a house in landslide it was destroyed. However pleasing side casualties none . Claims will be removed . Roads in some of our temporary closure there . Metropolitan Municipality have , district municipalities , Roads and DS teams, governors with the event are in position . where if you have difficulty interventions would like . and short-term solutions are trying to find . Currently we place ( Vakfıkebir-Tonya road) Tonya two km left a huge landslide there . Yolumuz off , Tony'or transport temporarily alleys , the service you provided from the will and rainfall with the decrease of Highways Our team will make sure that . our citizens this rainy weather vigilance want them to . Caution them to , as far as possible the creek bed to stay away from recommendable. All institutions with our work site would follow. used in transportation for the historic bridge that collapsed in Tashkent restoration project was ready. Hopefully it again by restoring our city , we will give . \"He said.
2014 in Trabzon province-wide 4 times heavy rainfall had received Trabzon Mayor Dr. Orhan Fevzi GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU ,\"the goods are put in place , loss of life yaşanmamasının are happy \"he said. All organizations mobilized for the wounds to heal as soon as possible GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU stated that the President ,\"Mr. Governor as we would like to thank our administrative supervisor . SaHaden with a person we are . Highways and DSI also would like to thank our team . Closing springs have reached a number of ways to us , we sent to all business machine . Tonya, Şalpazarı , Trabzon , Macka and landslides Vakfıkebir need in our district need to intervene in the way We're closed . We are doing the necessary work . Tonya off the road . Eco-towns can be reached by road . Şalpzar was in a small landslides . Iskenderli landslide was due to empty a house . There emptied animals assets . There are few places in Macka small landslides . Tashkent at the foot of a bridge collapse happened. His two small connecting bridge collapsed outside did not use public transport . Our greatest joy is not loss of life . Hopefully in the next two or three days we will open all tol . Property damage is put in place , Allah (SWT) , thank goodness there is no loss of life . We thank our friends all employees . Damaged in the districts of our citizens to support their work to receive good results we want, \"he said.


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