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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 14:40

Prefer Chocolate Candy East West

Prefer Chocolate Candy East West
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Sugar Products Promotion Group Chairman Hedo Kadiroğlu , holidays chocolate as a gift of the West , East said that he preferred the sugar .

İzmir news: Sugar Products Promotion Group Chairman Hedo Kadiroğlu , holidays chocolate as a gift of the West , East said that he preferred the sugar .
To the numbered days of Ramadan due to remain in the confectionery industry is experiencing brisk days . Sugar Products Promotion Group Chairman Hedo Kadiroğlu , the feast before the feast of the Turkish people about sales and the shared information about the preferences of confectionery products . Confectionery products Feasts different preferences according to sales performance perform said Hidayat Kadiroğlu , said:\"Gift product of 90 percent during the holidays is consumed . Gifts groups of consumption in one-third of the East and Southeast Anatolia is taking place. Because these regions of extended family structure are the traditional ties still strong. Feast reciprocal visits of the happening and gifts is being presented . Gifts naturally nap is happening. western provinces prefer chocolate while eastward demand to sugar turns. primary reasons for this , of course, prices, because chocolate is more expensive. sugar kilo price of chocolate than is appropriate for are in demand . Another reason is cultural . sweets chocolate older than history in our country . fact, even if the sugar has entered our song . \"in
Halloween candy in the gift industry Noting that the magnitude Kadiroğlu nearly TL 500 million , continued as follows:\"The feast of chocolate and confectionery industry during the period 40-45 thousand tons tonnage in size . According to industry turnover in a year-to-volume size in a month , Ramadan is performing. Thus Ramadan only morally , but due to the blessings of material-economic terms the 11-month sultan is . \"Feast of summer coincided with the sale of sugar to the increase in the occasion that said Kadiroğlu ,\"Feast of the summer to come to sugar in favor contributed. In hot weather the form of chocolate without breaking the management and administration becomes more difficult . That's why sugar is the preferred choice , \"he said .
Turkish people feast on gift confectionery products Referring to the Kadiroğlu , he continued:\"Obviously the delight of chocolate in our country had yet üretilmiyork . Especially after 1950 chocolate delight in Turkey in parallel to the increase of the production capacity has been a proportional decline . Chocolate gift's share went up to 65 percent . However, in recent years, innovations made ​​in delight again enlivened in this category . Innovative delight not only in Turkey but also in the world, began to be preferred . Therefore, the balance in the category are reforming. The situation will become clearer in the coming years . \"
Day is the most important period for the confectionery industry expressing Kadiroğlu , said:\"Industry on the overall economy is growing each year . Bunda has the effect of dynamism in exports . The visit took place in Turkey during the holidays and traditions of the culture of the weaker naturally presents, are affected negatively. Corresponding to the different regions due to summer holidays , income and age groups have different preferences emerge. Middle income country and family ties in the middle age group is decisive. Central pillars of the country he visits as defined in this section considers the feast . Also leads the way gifts . Gift consumption is one-third of Anatolia confirms it. Especially in the summer hols next generation can see a holiday as an opportunity . Holidays and presents, such as a visit to the traditions of the holiday can not perform . Malaria holy Mass is taking place individual way of life . On this holiday, it will be able to see more clearly . \"
six production ladder , almost finished with the striking awareness of citizens Hedo Kadiroğlu , said:\"Stairs six production sector and relevant public institutions for decades has fought . But here is the real determinant of consumer awareness . Sales and consumer awareness increases as the level of production space under the stairs narrowed. Modern channels of the retail sector to become more organized in the form of the ladder has six production limits . Demand for branded products is increasing every day . \"
\" Palates of TASTE ON CURRENT DRUG \"
Hedo Kadiroğlu the palate of the taste of the confectionery sector with a rate close to 80 percent of domestic inputs current account deficit and the drug is emphasized . year-end export target of $ 3 billion that inform Kadiroğlu , said:\"The first six months of last year compared to same period 15 per cent off growth of the sector, year-end export target of $ 3 billion . R \u0026 D and innovation, the growth of his three years with an investment in Turkey's economy sector fold , followed and imitated around the world rose to the position . Turkey exported products kg/dollar value of the confectionery industry , while at the level of USD 1.5 kg/dollar value of 3 dollars , ie, doubling the status of Turkey in general . Close to 80 percent of domestic manufacturing industry with raw material input , the current account deficit medication at the same time . The added value produced by one of Turkey's leading confectionery sector , despite the recent turmoil in the major export markets, with market diversification method continues on its way without losing momentum . In this sense, especially in South America, the Far East and Africa Regions in which the main focus . \"

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