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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:33

Preparations for the match Trabzonspor Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun

Preparations for the match Trabzonspor Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun
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İdmanyurdu myrtle , Sports Toto Super League will play away in the 6th week of Trabzonspor match preparations are underway .

Mersin news: Majid
Özcan Sports Facilities , coach Riza made ​​Çalımbay management training , special children with Down's syndrome who were treated in a rehabilitation center visited. Çalımbay closely involved with the kids and the players for a while, played ball with them . Later, the players, the children posed for souvenir photos after the training continued .
Training of journalists after answering questions Çalımbay Sunday Genclerbirligi Ankara preparatory match will do , noting in the league the chance to form players who are ready to make what they want , he said. So far, so happy with that , but the end of it to drive up emphasizing the need Çalımbay , \"Trabzonspor difficult matches one of the . Trabzonspor current situation as us there is so much we have to fight ,\"he said .
Çalımbay In addition, on October 20 congress to be held very is important and there are decisions to be made the team determine the future , he added .
captain Servet Cetin also no match is not easy , and five match tough opponents against the good results they received , said:\"Trabzonspor strongly points needs. Our encounter output match as they see . for this reason, such a team to play with is difficult. there points or points to get our best will do, \"he said.
first 5 games 2 goals scored reminded Cetin,\"It was a bit of luck. Fixed ball forward in're going . primary duty defense . Its next goal threw an extra fee contributes What if I'm happy , \"he said.
Meanwhile with disabilities Serkan Balci of Trabzonspor match for training while working , smooth running started its Adam trust the catch is difficult said.

Preparations for the match Trabzonspor Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun" comments for.


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