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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:42

Prepares to Host Opening Şafaktepe

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Mamaia has brought a major transformation with the signing of investment Mamak Mamak Municipality with the opening of a new facility is poised to offer the service .

Ankara news: Maman
by investing in various neighborhoods , cultural and social service buildings in the neighborhood who built the Mamak Municipality has built Şafaktepe Şafaktepe be inaugurated Mansion . Combining culture and modern architecture Şafaktepe three-story mansion on 10 acres in the project area was built. Şafaktepe neighborhood will make you the center of attraction of investments , particularly residents , including one host to all of Mamak education, culture, arts and sports to serve . Mamak Municipality President Massoud Ahmed , \"host culture into modern times by adapting we design Şafaktepe mansion in the neighborhood several services together to offer . Complete as a complex have completed the mansion we Mamak we do a lot of other investments , such as extremely functional ,\"he said .
multi-purpose built as a neighborhood mansion inside the wedding hall , fitness room, information, home , classrooms, computer rooms and study rooms are . In the outer part of the host terraces and relaxation areas are . Mamak Municipality, Şafaktepe Mansion is going to open on October 18th .

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