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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:36

Presented Own Knowledge of Aksu Stream Model Citizen

Presented Own Knowledge of Aksu Stream Model Citizen
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Aksu district of Antalya performed the Aksu River Flood Protection Study completed model , DSI knowledge of citizens and were presented at the beginning of the 13th Regional Directorate liking.

Antalya news: 13. Regional Director of DSI Photo Turkay Free, viewed Aksu Stream Improvement Study models with Oguz Butcher Regional Vice President and branch manager. Free, Aksu Stream Improvement Work DS of the models District Office said that they provide not aware of studies of citizens placed on the entrance side . Photo Model in visualizing the same time as he placed presented information with voice narration about studies related to a device from the Aksu River Record Özgür, \"our investments to be transferred to our citizens in terms of a very important work . I thank the labor last , \"he said . states that the very great importance of Aksu River continued Flood Protection Improvement work for Photo Antalya DS 13. Regional Director Turkay Free said:
\"Aksu district of the project, the surrounding villages , providing protection from flooding of farmland and tourism sectors , as will ensuring Aksu Stream sea mansaplan also be held in our country, national and international conferences , panels , meetings and will be organizing seminars EXPO 2016 EXHIBITION AREA will be protected from floods. in the Aksu river Under the project, the 70-kilometer dike section along with its tributaries , stone fortifications and stream rehabilitation work will be done. \"

Presented Own Knowledge of Aksu Stream Model Citizen" comments for.


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