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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:34

Preserving the memory in Malatya City Association Established

Preserving the memory in Malatya City Association Established
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In Malatya , guarding the memory Towns Association was established .

Malatya news: Made a press statement on Golden Apricot hotel because of the establishment of the association , the association's purpose was expressed in . Photo Speaking first central district Battalgazi at the meeting, mayor Selahattin Gurkan, pull out that doomed to disappear in the history of the city can not maintain the memory , the association established to protect the natural heritage expressed its importance. Photo Arapgir district Mayor Haluk Cömertoğlu in the city and urban talked about the importance of awareness. Defending a Photo Memory is President Levent İskenderoğlu Association of cities , \"for example has a Nemrut Dagi. the world is cultural heritage. However, Nimrod name AmAnIndIr , we are in a vicious debate as alanine Malatya , saying, \"he stressed the need to be involved in the efforts to increase tourism revenues instead of vicious conflicts . \"If we do not protect our history , our natural heritage , they will not remember much of anything for the next generation of the past ,\"said İskenderoğlu , cities, noting that the removal from destroying understanding. Photo İskenderoğlu , \"Cities , live , cities accumulate and provide cultural continuity passing from generation to this accumulation of generations. this is an indication of the effort society do not exist . incapable of providing cultural continuity society can not survive with its own identity and personality , they do not melt in other communities. 0 state social protection of the city of memory , in terms of cultural and economic continuity is extremely important . Center Malatya is \"Preserving the memory cities Association \"both our provinces addition to providing a modest contribution to civil society life of our country , the Anatolia for thousands of years has been the cradle of civilization , every one of the very important city for all of humanity , civilization accumulation and preserve the natural heritage , is to preserve and activities to be transferred to future generations . Work for the development of tourism and in this way has been established with the aim to contribute to regional development , \"he said .


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