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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:41

Presidency of Religious Affairs of the'Fake Imam'Description

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Minister , a television in the beginning sequence of the film to air on channel'on the fake imam'character , \"we thought it stayed in the past of such scenario cübbeyl to , turban and carrying amounts of these clothes to approve the characterization of a series of characters typical of humiliating is never possible ,\"he said .

Ankara news: Photo of Religious Affairs in a statement from the Presidency , \"A recently a television broadcast which began a series of film'fake imams'character with regard to the projected typing intense reactions from our Presidency following explanations are necessary to make the above . characterized by the film'fake imams'typecasting has deeply hurt our religious officials with social prestige . we thought it stayed in the past of such scenario cübbeyl to , turban and carrying amounts of these outfits demeaning stereotypes to approve the characterization in a series is never possible . Imam of the social world in place and set out to misrepresent the reality about the role of this typing opposite have no doubt this will show the necessary sensitivity of the relevant authorities , particularly channel managers. in the past experienced painful memories still hafızalardayk that , winning a level of respect for religious values ​​publication we would like to evaluate the mildest words, carelessness and negligence to descend below this level again in our lives. After this description of the basic principles of Islam have in this type of scenario , the Prophet. In the Prophet's personality and social dignity of the value of the acquisition is our hope that abrasive style matters not point the formation of a consciousness, \"the statement said.

Presidency of Religious Affairs of the'Fake Imam'Description" comments for.


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