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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:41

President Altai, was the subject of conversation Career

President Altai, was the subject of conversation Career
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Mayor of Konya Selçuk district centers Ugur Ibrahim Altay, Credit and Hostels Institution (KJC) within the scope of the seminar organized by"career chat"programs was the guest.

Konya news: Mayor of Konya Selçuk district centers Ugur Ibrahim Altay, Credit and Hostels Institution (KJC) within the scope of the seminar organized by"career chat"programs was the guest.
Seljuk Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay, Credit and Dormitories Institution staying in the dormitory of the university students met with. KJC Konya Regional Director Atila Çetin accompanied on his visits President Altai, students and Konya Seljuk Civilization briefed.
Beginning of his speech to the students of Konya Seljuk and providing information about the President, Altay"Konya in the center of 1 million 100 thousand with a population city. Meram Meram and Seljuk including three centers in the township. Seljuk 560 thousand population, Turkey's largest 16 counties and the center of Konya about half of the hosts. Our name Seljuk, because this is a Seljuk capital. important center of civilization Konya same When the Turks in Istanbul after the longest time was the capital city. 1,071 Malazgirt Victory with the Anatolia came and Konya in 1096 than in 1308 to the Seljuk capital made. Konya very important Seljuk monuments there. Alaeddin Hill, Aladdin Mosque Minaret Madrasa, Karatay Madrasa. them in our city important works. Anatolia in many parts of the city, appearing in many mosques, madrasas, khans and baths hospices almost all of the Seljuks started. because from the east came to head west we did. Our western Our Anatolia, the Ottoman Empire the western Balkans, and therefore many of the works in Anatolia by the Seljuks"he said.
Seljuks war not only grown scientists with an exemplary civilization, saying that the President Altai,"Mevlana, Haci Bektas Veli, Pir Sultan Abdal, Yunus Emre, all of them of the Seljuk period the foremost people. these details in your mind Konya and Seljuk civilization for was an entry. But besides this do Seljuk civilization-related books to read I would recommend. in the 1200s an awesome civilization have demonstrated. we in the 2000s still Hz. Mevlana's humanism, human love could not be reached,"he said.
Seljuks develop very fast that and the development of the university's large share stated that the Altai,"college students about 80 percent of the Seljuks residing in. City of both science and the economic and social life contributed greatly do you provide. We all love you. presence here you pleased,"he said.
qualified human resources, our most important strength
sought after in today's world of highly qualified human resources is the most important power of the President noted that the Altai,"A hundred years ago, holds that countries with industrial facilities, with weapons of power reveals were. But the world today that has integrated the items basic considerations of qualified human resources was. this sense, our young people is important to us. because we ourselves set important goals, and it's in line with targets are working. 2023 the world's 10 largest economies to be one of aim. our exports to $ 500 billion to remove the advanced democracies in the sample countries are aiming to be. that qualified for the self-developed, self-confident young people need. this many possibilities for you are trying to offer. Our state you should do your best trying to make the effort shows. we municipalities As much as we can simplify your life will work you're doing. 'Cause the world you have expectations. world where an underdog where suffering a community if there Believe in Turkey, a breath sound bekliyorlar.iş very recently in the Philippines, a huge catastrophe happened and the first hand prolonging the country was Turkey. across the world people persecution under suffering, and our country expect much. past 10 years, huge advances have come but we have to take the long way there. Therefore you yourself of the good development and qualified to be very important for us. This is also your community, the world and your families against a responsibility. doing so, to the front of a target, put work neglect not supposed to,"he said.
DIFFERENCES our wealth
life To be successful working people and establish good relationships is important, said President Altai,"the world's other nations with in the race we also have a voice that we can do ourselves good breeding need to. herein is actually a very important chance to own this. many cities, different cultures have come from the friends you have . of this opportunity to improve yourself and a robust social environment for creating necessarily use. Y your old friend's to think like you, you like dressing your favorite things to love is not required. important that our differences but our commonalities talk and move on. we all have different views but will we're a family here, and that family members get along well with have to. in your school, your business life to succeed is important, but the social environment and social success of a so important. also never be sure, do your friends a beautiful relationship dry chat, because everybody learns from the other a things to do there,"he said.
end of her talk at the mom and dad prayer of getting that emphasize the President Altai,"This is your life, an important watchword get. parents they could best for you, you are trying to do. you expect from the only thing they succeed . in. Do not break their hearts. I have no chance of being successful without their prayers,"he said.

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