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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:23

President Assoc. Dr. Eid al-Adha message Özgökçe

President Assoc. Dr. Eid al-Adha message Özgökçe
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Mayor of the city of Van Tusba Assoc.

Van news: Dr. Fevzi Ozgokce , Eid greeting has released thus Ozgokce
President ,'My esteemed fellow , \"he began in his message ; unity for centuries , the fief and in a spirit of brotherhood we had ; mutual love and respect between people is riveted , a symbol of cohesion and are integral to the Feast of Sacrifice , and this year the Hajj pilgrimage period Akbar have access to the more experienced the happiness they noted. Of holidays , no gates open until the end that , accidents and disasters disposal is , resentment is forgotten and customs administration of the days that the President stressed Ozgokce , Eid al-Adha God of the individual for everything to sacrifice that to God, surrender and against him , thank goodness be in and stressed that her approach to express . The Quran in Surah Hajj'Their flesh and blood does not reach Allah, never . Which reaches Allah , but do you have for Him , and worship deeds are far from showing'verse that summarizes the location of the victim's President stressed in the Islamic faith Assoc. Dr. Ozgokce , \"especially in recent years, particularly the Middle East , including the lands of Islam against Muslims in the attacks all the violence is increasing. Humanity, is inconsistent with these attacks is absolutely unacceptable. They lived this pain most deeply in our heart feels and the event giving rise to all the time and space condemn \"We are he said.
the last twelve years developing and growing as a Turkey , just like our ancestors ; The persecution condone whether they yum, they will not save the President Ozgokce , \"Blessed hundred years, desperate hopes of the door , with peace and brotherhood pro , the world's respect and admire that in our country , oppressed, to stand by and their silent screams announce to the world continues . Our hope and our prayers this brutally humanity committed drama as soon as possible is to figure out . this occasion Mubarak Eid At first ancient Tusba and Van'ı us all in love with Turkey to the entire Islamic world and humanity nays , fertility , health and good appetite to bring Almighty Allah (SWT) from the petition would this beautiful our partnership , we wish to continue after the feast , and by supplication for you in Allah (swt ) , we entrust . Hundreds of thousands of greetings and our prayers he said .

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