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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 14:33

President Atsou Budak, April Inflation Assess

President Atsou Budak, April Inflation Assess
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Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ACCI ) Chairman Çetin Osman Budak, Turkey Statistical Institute ( TSI ) announced by April inflation figures found in the assessment .

Antalya news: Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ACCI ) Chairman Çetin Osman Budak, Turkey Statistical Institute ( TSI ) announced by April inflation figures found in the assessment .
CPI as the increase in above expectations , indicating that ATSO Chairman Çetin Osman Budak his written statement, \"2014 inflation in April from the previous month percent in CPI of 1.34 , the domestic PPI from 0.09 percent are described as . Annual inflation in consumer prices so 9.38 domestic producer prices so 12.98 respectively. CPI inflation well above expectations , while the domestic PPI , the TL in recent weeks appreciation with the slowdown was \"he has included .
main expenditure groups as a month ago according to the highest increase yüzde13 , 10 , and clothing and footwear group that is seen Bowers said:
\"Percent-0.54 and transport group, the highest drop realized . monthly basis for selected items showing the highest increase shirts, jackets, skirts, suits has created products such as clothing . increase in the CPI in this context in the first degree is seen that due to the seasonal increase in clothing prices . Increase in food prices , tomatoes, bananas and apples , despite the rise in prices of fruit and vegetable prices , but rather bakery products, legumes, such as product prices resulted from ONION . PPI increase in food prices of these products have been effective . Seasonal factors in the rise in inflation is due to the base effect , core inflation continued to increase substantially although the most important issue is the deterioration of inflation expectations . In May, the possibility of double-digit annual inflation has risen . From May , begun a downward trend in inflation expectations even corruption is to leave a lasting impact . \"
in the domestic market despite the recession, inflation, the rise in the cost of origin stating that Bowers , the economy's structural problems pointed out that the inflation rise in Another important result of central banks to cut interest rates make it difficult to be stated that the Bowers statement said:
\"course of inflation in the coming months will depend on exchange rates and energy prices . If the adjustment of deferred engaged in energy prices, inflation will be confronted with a new acceleration . Therefore, the issue of structural reforms we have said constantly want to remind you once again . Inflation on an annual basis , transportation, food and non-alcoholic beverages , hotels and restaurants , education and household goods groups is observed that more intense . Especially compared to the same month of the previous year , the highest increase in CPI and 13.84 percent with 13.15 percent , and transportation and in the food and non-alcoholic beverages group has been realized. \"
CPI rate in the region of 1.51 percent per month , four-month percentage 4.86 and an annualized 9.15 percent was realized, TR61 region ( Antalya, Isparta, Burdur ) among 26 regions monthly inflation 8, the four-month inflation in the 13-year inflation the 19th which ranks bilder Budak , this ratio according to Antalya , Isparta and Burdur province, covering the Western Mediterranean region of inflation on a monthly basis the average of Turkey is on a four-monthly and annual assessment is below average , he said.
region's monthly inflation to a higher proportion biggest factor per cent of 16.40 , clothing and footwear group , that is why bilder Budak , this expenditure group, 1.75 percent of food and non-alcoholic beverages , 1.35 per cent and household goods groups that followed , the annual inflation rate is the average of Turkey prominent in the training group , excluding expenditure groups TR61 region applies to that education in the region expenditure groups, while the annual inflation rate lower than the national average , recreational and cultural expenditures occurred in the group noted that high inflation .

President Atsou Budak, April Inflation Assess" comments for.


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