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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:28

President Condemns Attack in Bingol Köksoy

President Condemns Attack in Bingol Köksoy
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Mayor Faruk Köksoy Ardahan , Bingöl Police Chief and his Deputy Police Chief Citations are unnerved Atalay Sahin and Ugur Hall Commissioner Hussein condemned the attack on horseback .

Ardahan news:
President Köksoy , said in a statement , \"This attack our country's unity draw the brotherhood is an attack on . our Union to disrupt the provocation is an action , an attack killed Deputy Police Chief Cited Falcon and Commissioner Hussein Hatipoğlu mercy from Allah wish. particularly family including the safety of the community and our nation have the right do . wounded in the attack Provincial Police Director countrymen , our Atalay Ürkün and protection Ugur Mounted in Allah speedy recovery wish'he said.
President Köksoy , Turkey and the Kurdish with the brotherhood we cast the darkest shadows are never the opportunity should not he continued as follows:
'Ironically , the treacherous attack , no cutting, no organization assumes . Buddha that show our unity , solidarity want to hurt the region's domination of the country that our restlessness and tries to remove the dark forces ugly Emeli . Turkish Kurds with the brotherhood we marred never to opportunity should not more of a one gotta stick .''
Köksoy , \"History of the roots of a the plane of the dallarıyız between us discord branches of our one winding should not prevent corruption of the mischief of the enlarged attempted in this period prudent to be conscious move our region suffering and adverse events and blood of will be instrumental in tears subside , \"he said .

President Condemns Attack in Bingol Köksoy" comments for.


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