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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:24

President Danube , was Bayramlaşma with citizens

President Danube , was Bayramlaşma with citizens
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Taurus central district of Mersin Mayor Hamit Tuna and sacrificed by visiting outlets , citizens were holy .

Mersin news:
Taurus victims in the municipality as a 3-point outlets, 33 points in place of sacrifice that formed part of the Danube that inform the President , in particular in accordance with hygiene requirements of the intersections , he said . Tuna sales and cut the victim compressor in place , such as water and toilets at the ready , he said needs . Victims cut and outlets of the citizens of any problems encountered are necessary for them to take measures said they Tuna , municipal teams of the festival during the mission recalled .
All Turkish-Islamic world a blessed Eid-ul celebrating President Danube , \"Taurus Municipality, the before the feast of the three victims sale, 33 victim sector have created . cutting our places neighborhood market we also , creating local markets where there is not a separate cut-off point I've made . 1 unit the Municipality our mobile sector location has created . Hopefully any without a problem this holiday will spend . Feds only at cut especially in the morning the density can be but at this point our citizens without haste , be patient and to be savvy want . both victims sales as well as cut points in a frantic study that prepares all our staff , thank you. frantic work process lived . once again, all of our people Mubarak Eid al-Adha like to congratulate the God victims accept their say , \"he said .
Tuna, citizens'festival healthier and more restful for the purpose feast during the Police , Science Works, Parks and Gardens and Cleaning Works Directorates teams whose task at the beginning would be to .

President Danube , was Bayramlaşma with citizens" comments for.


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