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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:14

President Discusses Akkaya 17 People Died of Accident

President Discusses Akkaya 17 People Died of Accident
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Konya Aksehir district Mayor Salih Akkaya, you midibus leads workers to Isparta Gelendost province , Aksehir-Yalvaç highway are characterized by village accidents do result in immediate , evaluated 17 people killed and 29 people of the state in an accident resulting in injury and his work in the municipality.

Konya news: Photo Akşehir Mayor Salih Akkaya, \"October 31, 2014 Friday morning Aksehir-Yalvaç path does not occur takes her hand accident news came hours at 07:55 , giving the instructions to create a crisis desk , I moved to the scene. referred to the scene in time 08:10 I have . when I got to the scene , there was an ambulance with Akşehir and Yalvaç District Gendarmerie teams . was being shipped to all wounded ambulance to hospitals in the scene of an accident . Meanwhile, Akşehir our Governor came to the event. MP Mr. Mustafa Baloglu and National Deputy Minister of Education Mr. Orhan Erdem my hand I was informed about the accident. They expressed their future in Taking a right way . for our wounded to hospitals in Yalvaç State Hospital Vice President Mr. Turkan Spring crocus and Councillor us before with Mr. Yusuf İzzettin Springs Şarkikaraağaç then Municipal Coordinator Mr. to go to the hospital in Isparta ahmet Age is assigned for the wounded our are provided to be treated in the best way. \"Photo wins the Isparta Province in the boundaries due to the occurrence , the autopsy of those killed in the accident Yalvaç and Şarkikaraağaç State Hospitals said that stating a President Akkaya,\"access to relevant locations close to Ccenaz of our tools have been provided for by the municipal council and staff have also been nominated for the funeral of our operations. State Hospital through our Prophet appointed Mufti county morgue after autopsy in 2 Imam lady with 7 female teacher with municipal Our car was taken to the hospital Yalvaç . In addition, the mortician funeral to be used in funeral washing the Yalvaç State Hospital was sent to the morgue , \"he said .
\" FUNERAL ON PREPARATIONS with SERVICE COORDINATION WE'VE \"Photo Konya Metropolitan Municipality, tamarisk , Şarkikaraağaç , Yalvaç and degree of Municipalities of the vehicle President Akkaya said be provided. \"the Issue Aksehir turning to Governor Muammer Erol , we visited the Parliament Mr. Mustafa Baloglu and National Deputy Minister of Education Mr. Orhan Erdem'l with our wounded in Aksehir State Hospital and their relatives . After our visit here , Mr. Governor Muammer Erol , Mr. Mustafa Baloglu MP and Deputy Minister of Education Mr. Orhan Erdem through Yalvaç where the wounded were interested in the visit and funeral arrangements. In addition , the AK Party Member of Parliament Mr. Suresh Sadi Bilgiç Isparta , Isparta Deputy of the AK Party and the CHP Isparta Deputy Minister Recep Private Mr. Ali Haydar Öner also learned more about the accident came to Aksehir State Hospital. Later they moved to Yalvaça AK Party Deputies to deal with the wounded. Meanwhile, I've been coordinating preparations for the funeral service along with Mr Governor remained in Aksehir. Accidents in the home addresses of our countrymen were identified who died , were sent to the funeral home to eat by our municipality . In addition, interviews with relatives of those killed in accidents , work related to funeral and burial place of burial is made ​​. Who died in an accident on requests from family Unsal Maksudi in Ortaköy, Eve Yigit Nasreddin Hodja in the cemetery , was buried the day after the accident late afternoon. AK Party Deputy Minister Recep Isparta Special also comes to Aksehir , Yigit's Eve personally participated in the funeral. Accident evening returning from Yalvaç MP Mr. Mustafa Baloglu and Ministers of Education , our Assistant with Mr. Orhan Erdem AK Party District President Abdullah Bahadir Ors, Trade and Industry Chamber President Mr. Erdal Çiftci and our funeral home with our Councillors visited . Then Aksehir Governor Mr. Yalcin Sezgin , District Mufti Acting together with our parliamentarians and until 01:00 hours water with the participation of Deputy Minister , necessary preparations have been planned for the funeral the next day , \"he said . The day after Photo accident Aksehir State Hospital separately funeral transport for funeral in morgue President emphasized that tools are available Akkaya, \"have been organized with all the preparations for the funeral, to be held in the funeral Square Nasreddin Hodja is made all the necessary preparations. Also, before the burial of the corpses , food was sent back by our municipality to all funeral home. Still required to come for condolences to the funeral home, chair, stool, support, and will be offered to incoming tea and sugar support is provided by the belediyemiz , \"he said .
\" THE FAMILIES who DEATHS CASH AID WAS HELD \"Photo indicating that Nasreddin Hodja Minister of Health to the funeral in the Square Mehmet Müezzinoğlu also attended Akşehir Mayor Salih Akkaya, \"through the Akşehir State Hospital together with our minister after the funeral prayer , our wounded being treated in the hospital we visited Leyla Steel . All our wounded treated in hospital pajamas and tracksuits support is also provided. To our wounded lying in Isparta Isparta $ 500 cash assistance is made by the Governor . Meanwhile, the municipality and District of cash to close our compatriots who lost their lives in the accident with the help of the Social Aid Foundation is made . District Education Directorate of the psychological and financial support for students is provided by the victim . On Sunday, our municipality Vice President and we employ about principals meeting made ​​earlier and the number for the wounded in Isparta comes to Aksehir for the funeral Ahmet Age is the number for the wounded in Konya Türkan Spring Crocus charged again , they were authorized to meet all the needs of the injured given to each patient in the hospital is still made ​​$ 250 help us to accompany our two friends are injured in Isparta and Konya . Mr. On the same day the district to deliver the Prime Minister condolence message Governor and our Aksehir funeral home , along with the protocol were visited separately , needs have been identified and made every family on Sundays cash assistance to $ 500 municipality's although . On Monday , Mr. with the Prime Minister instructed the social and to engage in psychological support to designated Family and Social Policies Provincial Director of our has visited all funeral homes by experts coming together Kaymakamlığımız of funeral close to making $ 500 to help the situation is being closely monitored. In addition, tea and sugar were taken to the house visited by belediyemiz . Again Aksehir with the Prime Minister instructed the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation sent 100 thousand and 150 thousand allocated budget from foundations with a total of 250 thousand budget , foundation meeting was held for the payment to the relevant family. 17.00 has been negotiated to be distributed according to the meeting in question needs of the budget of the family continues relief work according to the situation of the municipality's and the foundation of the family about all the wounded , \"he said.
\" THANKS to lent their support THIS PROCESS \"Photo President Akkaya,\"All this process supports the unsparing first Prime Minister Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu , including attending the funeral of Health Minister Mr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu to not receive event takes notice Districts us come survivors , their relatives funeral , and we are never let alone Konya Governor Mr. Muammer Erol , Mr. AKP Konya deputy Mustafa Baloglu and Deputy Minister of Education Mr. Orhan Erdem ; who share our pain Isparta Governor Mr. Vahid Ozkan , the AK Party Isparta Deputy Minister Recep Private and Mr. Suresh Sadi Bilgiç CHP Isparta Deputy Mr. Ali Haydar Öner , who attended our funeral Konya MHP deputy Mr. Faruk Bala, Mr. Mustafa Kalaycı to supports spared especially in Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mr. Tahir Akyurek , including the AK Party Provincial Chairman Mr. Ahmet query , Mr. tamarisk Mayor Abraham oral , Yalvaç Mayor Halil Hilmi Tütüncü Şarkikaraağaç Mayor Jesus Çarkacı to , Educated to degree Mayor Mr. Aykut Yunaka Mayor Abdullah Demirhan to Emre , Dear Prof. Mufti Dr. Ali Akpinar , both cities through , as well as the city outside my gratitude forever about 10 thousand people attending our funeral , \"he said . The occurrence of the accident
, the burial of the corpses and the state of the wounded of the treatment process and emphasis on the mobilization of all the facilities of the municipality Akşehir Municipality President Salih Akkaya, \"this tragic event, clamped , unity, maddi-all the people who stood by us in spiritual unity and solidarity , I thank Aksehir institutions and organizations on behalf of the people. Almighty Allah from our district and our nation is suffering such a petition would be alive again ; mercy to those who died , I wish a speedy recovery to the wounded , \"he said .
\" THE ALL HELP AND SUPPORT PUBLIC WITH SHARED not \"Photo accident made ​​from the moment all the help and support of the President said not shared with the public Akkaya, \"Because we see that our Orfű give a hand , the other hand should be seen . But today I think we should make this statement. I saw an article in some website. I'm sorry the truth. This type of pain in the photos shrinking political nemalanmak the need to do. This , I believe it would be forbidden and persecuted people . Our Deputy Minister , our parliamentarians , we went up to Isparta , including the governor , but we made ​​these visits and help in any activities that would hurt people just because he did not pathognomonic photos and images. The first person who went to the accident scene after the gendarmerie and the health of my team. Believe soon as we get the news we were there within 15 minutes. I gave instructions for any transaction to be done about our funeral but sometimes our political parties , our people have taken part in politics state such events , municipal , military police , had the police helpless he has abused , I condemn rather regret and feel . We are what we say it is empty . Our people and see the truth at this point and will tell them the truth. He thanked all the family will never forget where we went but I did not believe him to thank our three family hugged me tight . Mayor of a fiery shirt and arduous task , but we're really good on the candidate once more , we've selected the best in favor of our people , our good people that we've descended to such a service , I think. My almost 3 days in contact with home was broken. We found our meeting here on Sunday to help our family with the money we collect from our own pockets. Banks were opening Monday but we could not wait another day . I wish we could help make this Saturday also said to myself, I've wailed . But believe up to all the services in the funeral meal we thought about many details in consultation with our friends . That our state and in our municipality as we feel close to all of our wounded and our funeral , we continued our work on this issue , \"he said .

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