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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 01:50

President Erdogan:

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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, \"The PLA is identical with the PKK for us at the moment , he is a terrorist organization .

İstanbul news: A terrorist organization up and also friendly to us the NATO we're together America's such a support, openly saying we'yes'testimony , the approach to wait too would be very wrong , something like us, waiting is not possible , such a thing as we'yes,'I can not say , \"he said .
President Erdogan, in return of his official visit to Afghanistan'tour'on the plane and answered journalists'questions on the agenda .
a journalist ,\"Isidor work continues with the coalition . Made some remarks concerning the Incirlik base , what is this point ? How to respond to the demands Turkey . Formally such a request did not arrive ? Turkey if requested to do what? \"Asked the President Upon Erdogan,\"You know, I'll tell you there under four headings . One of them ; matter of no-fly zone , two ; matter of the safe zone , three ;-Accessories a matter of educating four ; issue of the regime . These are not impossible as long as Turkey to take our place there \"was the answer .
\" The PLA is now synonymous with the PKK FOR OUR \"
Isidor pyd''y to conflict with the United States'support weapons'which will give a strong response to claims that the President Erdogan, said in a statement:
\"in recent days, a few things began to circulate . What is it? Pyd'y support to weapons and weapons support to be given to pyd'y against Isidor here to create a facade . OK, the PLA is currently synonymous with the PKK for us , he is a terrorist organization . A terrorist organization up and also friendly to us the NATO we're together America's such a support, openly saying we'yes'testimony , the approach to wait too would be very wrong , something like us, waiting is not possible , such a thing as we'yes,'I can not say . \"
\" is not suitable 'yES'< strong> could not state that \"
President Erdogan, Incirlik issue a separate issue that Incirlik want on yet is not clear , he said. saw this when they evaluate adding that President Erdogan, \"We security units and we sit talking to them , we should we see fit if there is something that is'yes', we say, but it is not appropriate to this is'yes'we say impossible ,\"he said .
\"We want a safe area , why ? Safe area occupation movement is not a safe area only from their land to escape took refuge in Turkey to citizens , Syrian citizens in their own lands, returning to the possibility of making \"Speaking as President Erdogan , the statement said:
\"But them a security to ensure we need a we need assurance when they return to earth at the moment, how we're staying in camps , camps in the border size is not it? Across the border . There's a certain yards , this course has mountain terrain , flat plains there , all of them separately . Would be 5 kilometers in some places , would be 15 kilometers in some places , would be 25 kilometers , they will work our respective units . Americans already with them about our Turkish Armed Forces officials, Foreign Ministry officials are already discussing them . The steps in this regard it is discarded. Currently we are looking at , Foreign Ministers spokesman required in the United States need in Europe a few things to say, some of them know about the one part not aware of , but we know about the issues we then fourth title we care . The compromise is not possible here . Especially we let pyd'y weapons ... You are currently in the field against the regime , those who fight against Isidor why this support did not to this day . Since you're going to support such a regime currently in the field against those who fight against Isidor have given them . I recently chosen one of them leading up to 74 people you know from within by shot at 74 was killed by chemical weapons , has never been heard , did say anything against it ? Quite the contrary. Now we have to be somewhat realistic . Get up in the'PLA'when called , then this job I was responsible for 77 million in a serious sense get frustrated . Just'We're going with Kobani'nin saying Kopani regions outside of my country scramble to 250 thousand people had been killed in a table , we see that not bother . Here we Ayn al-Arab from Turkey that we close our doors to come to our country from Kobani'nin , we opened our doors and 200 thousand people in our country at the moment . What more would make this power ? Needs to be done did. \"
\" If OR BREAK NEW , WHY? \"
Kobani'nin from the ISID's to start pulling information whether or not the direction to a question the President Erdogan, information , and how these get the information , he said. Isidor one hand while shooting on the other hand a certain place can occupy pointed out that the President Erdogan, \"Apart from all these'now why Syria, necessarily why Kopani I need to ask . One-third of Iraq's gone, I wonder why it did not annoy them in thirds . If any or Kopani , why? They are significant . Iraq says UK only . Why just not in England only in Iraq says Syria . We always say that we have currently limit our ride 290 kilometers . All the trouble we get up, none of these folks'What is the matter with you , what you need'do not ask such a thing . We're spending $ 4.5 billion , is not heard such a thing from any of them . What is coming to us ? Money of around $ 200 million . The UN Refugee Council money from 20 to 25 million dollars , only here stuck in my mind as far as Saudi Arabia us $ 50 million had arrived , others large and small things , \"he said .
President Erdogan, a journalist, \"has reached a new stage in the solution process . In the new phase started some discussion on the position of Ocalan . There are demands . You're given the status as chief negotiator . Improvement in the conditions in question at a later stage be? No new answers to the demands of the question Do ? \"He gave the following response to the question ;
\"a person who has been sentenced to aggravated life . This needs to be done to improve the human conditions of this state has everything . Not later than that already . No state will probably get up and allocated private villas . Currently there is 2 rooms , 2 rooms outside the television ... there was none of them , we gave them our Iktidarımız period . Other than that, there is the opportunity to talk to other prisoners 5 units , what will be more than that . Chief Negotiator , etc. ... They are very great danger such a thing as too big wrong. Undersecretary of intelligence goes , you already are discussing issues that needed to be discussed with him . But recently something has changed. Are you currently looking Imralı a different air , a different mountain air , a different representative in Parliament, in the air , such a divergence , where split the middle of the country in a state of confused me . Prime Minister will be meeting tomorrow with wise people , talk with them during the week , see you. In my opinion, the president certainly is today, with up to 11 years of experience . Such an expansion now this ... What if it is expandable up already expanded opportunities given everything . Health at the point of treatment , like everything without interruption is done. \"
Öcalan to another prison transport will be to claims that the President Erdogan, \"his troubles are different. It's not a prison, if you pay attention , \"he said.
Another journalist,\"Did you have a comment regarding the fight against Parallel do . NSC did mark a new step forward in the direction that some comments were made. Fethullah Gulen will be considered as a terrorist organization , parallel structures in this way and it will take place will take place in the National Security Policy Document was made in the form of explanations . How do parallel one step in the fight against the NSC is expected ? \"Is the question of the form of the President Erdogan,\"National Policy Document in certain topics takes place. The most important of these is that one is ; and threats to national security . Here the parallel structure or parallel state structure is a sweetheart of the factors that threaten our national security . About NSC meeting that will be held this month threatening our national security elements will take place on our agenda . And then at the end of the press release is already in negotiation and so all decisions will be recommended . Negotiations due to make recommendations on the place you take it the government on this issue the Council of Ministers in making a if this recommendation in the direction of taking the case then this is the National Security Policy Document in takes place , \"he said .
\" judgment to be taken NEW STEPS YES \"
President Erdogan, the National Security Policy Document of the five-year renewal , and the next year, this five-year period because , he noted . Extraordinary where it previously de pull would be able to highlight the President Erdogan said:
\"inside, it is possible to make some changes . This is what brings the judiciary in the international community to these events bakınış changes , this is an important step . Friendship, brotherhood bound together by ties of this kind of thing , saying that the country needed it the country's Council of Ministers, as well as an important institution such as the National Security Council have taken the decision or recommendation shall not overlooked . The following is a new process ; it is a judicial process . There are new steps to be taken in the judiciary , there are numerous complaints regarding the new step , the accumulated files ... You see, many things started to become clear . Until now, many people who can not document now started to give those documents . I believe that the granting of these documents is very different jurisdictions will take steps . Decisions shall accordingly . \"
President Erdogan told reporters following the visit to Afghanistan cezerye found in catering .

President Erdogan:" comments for.


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