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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 16:46

President Ergun Wraps Up Visit to Gordes

President Ergun Wraps Up Visit to Gordes
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Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun, depending on the county Köseler two-day visit to Gordes, is Doğanpın, Like the pets are, Kobak and finished with Spoonbill village.

Manisa news: Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun, depending on the county Köseler two-day visit to Gordes, is Doğanpın, Like the pets are, Kobak and finished with Spoonbill village.
Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Gordes district organized by the Organization under the program visited the two-day Gordes program, depending on the county Köseler, Doğanpın's, Like the pets are, Kobak and Spoonbill by villages has been completed. President Ergun first stop was the village of leathery. Ergun visit Councillor Sezai Gürcan, MHP IR s President Tanju Balatl MHP Gordes Mayor candidate Ibrahim Emre, MHP Gordes District President Cevat Demirağ Manisa Grey Wolves President of Honor Pabuççuoğlu and leathery Village Headman Niyazi Ertan was accompanied. Crowded villagers welcomed by President Ergun, he meets all citizens individually shook hands and villages Kıraathanesi in the village with residents met.
"USED important each vote"
Köseler village Doğanpın also visited the village after the President Ergun and his retinue, where the village was warmly welcomed by residents. Shaking hands with the villagers one by one, the village came together in Kıraathanesi President Ergun, they came to office since 2009 they brought Manisa Municipality briefed about the situation. Manisa is now greater and that of the villages in the neighborhood return stating that the President Ergun, neighborhood headmen, Gordes Mayor, the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly and the Mayor of citizens, including the four would vote, reminding each used game emphasized the importance made.
after his visit to the village of Doğanpın Like President Ergun who visited the village, where the village headman and the crowd Ercan Bilal was warmly welcomed by the villagers. Children distributes soccer ball, over to citizens 'How happy I am to Turkey' written scarf gift from President Ergun who then met with village residents in the neighborhood Kıraathanesi. Manisa, passion 4.5 years for over a city landmark projects saves stating that President Ergun, 96 million TL debt taken over Manisa Municipality, this debt in 1.5 years they finished and the last 3 years in over 100 projects gain, he said.
then connected to the town Sunny Beach neighborhood also visited the President Ergun, was met with great interest of the neighborhood. Sunny Victory Town district Headman Anwar Maples, Pets Headman Mehmet Ali Kurdish neighborhood and many residents embraced President Ergun. Manisa metropolitan being followed by only six months, county, towns and villages of Manisa Municipality's existing budget by 35 million worth of investments that are doing President Ergun, the budget also greater budget will be on April 1, many sections have imagined at whether projects districts and neighborhoods reconstruct would said.
"without distinction ALL Manisa EMBRACE will"
two-day Gordes round, Kobak and Spoonbill by villages spots Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun, Gordes people themselves their close attention, Because love and smile and thanked. The interest shown them a source of morale provides that the President Ergun,"the Metropolitan as a tree, considering the body metropolitan municipality, branches district municipalities, leaves the neighborhood are. No dip our without breaking a single one even Vine Leaves our withering, without us vote was-did without distinction all Manisa ' y will embrace. nobody should doubt that,"he said.

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