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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 13:02

President Karan \"Night of Qadr \"Message

President Karan \
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Mayor Hasan Kilis Black , Kadir night issued a message due .

Kilis news: Mayor Hasan Kilis Black , Kadir night issued a message due .
Mayor Kelly , \"Night of Qadr \"Almighty Our book revelation of the Qur'an began to be the well-being and safety of each side is spread , the skies doors have been opened, prayer and repentance be accepted as sacred and holy night , he said .
Black , \"the Night of Power , servant of God is close to the night is the most important . , our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) , to the merits of belief and a reward alone from God , hoping tonight good deeds went through the history of their sins will be forgiven the gospel has given . we in Kilis and for our country , for humanity fear, anxiety, despair and agonizing , all kinds of violence , terrorism and war to end , instead of them justice, love , peace and tolerance for buying pray. Qadr in all the sins of people running away from the repentance acceptance of our family , our nation and our country for the beauty conducive to I would supplicate to Allah Almighty that , \"he said .

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