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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 10:47

President Meets with Students with Disabilities

President Meets with Students with Disabilities
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Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon, Sherlock Education Practice School and Work Education Center spent time with students during a visit with disabilities .

Muğla news:
Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon, Sherlock Training Practice School and Work Training Center visited met with school administrators and students . School Principal and PTA President Mehmet Coban covered by Amal Blackwell Mehmet Kocadon, school gardens and classes with visiting teachers and students had a pleasant conversation . The President also from teachers , students and school education about the work and got information .
Manager Mehmet Coban visit to the school the support given because President Kocadon'un thanking , \"Right now our school, 20 teachers will find . Total of 60 of our students , 10 classrooms and each our class 2'şer teacher education and teaching in ways we continue on our . sectors of our teachers attend classes , they handicrafts and artistic classes with each class 3 our teacher at the time can be. Usually all our class 5-6 of our students are . classroom our individual training is also provided. mostly lower our classrooms self-care skills of children in their personal , social harmony , social integration , as well as nutrition education from the dressing training, zipper education, button hooks , use a spoon , fork handling skills also are taught . Moreover speech training , speech skills and literacy preparedness training is also provided. in the upper age group students more workshops, sports, physical education, music , crafts , ceramics are given in areas such as education . However, in the upper age groups, social work skills, social and cultural skills and academic skills of our students in the way they will have come . They are more likely to dexterity for and professions to earn studies are doing. \"He said .
Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon the \"In 2002, Ortakent-Yahşi Municipality during the three-five-person basis we have taken Sherlock Education Practice School and Work training Center has a different significance for me , \"he expressed his feelings as follows:\"We were just so excited to come over here . Training our children in the school are very happy to see me . Let's not forget we're all disabled candidates . Their training requirements , both stripped to their living conditions will continue to support whatever comes . Our aim them more comfortable to make a living \"
Kocadon President , then in school children waiting for parents too , as well , by going to their chatted with . Student parents of children with disabilities receive a good education for these schools is very useful , adding that the school's construction and establishment who worked in the aftermath, Mehmet Kocadon'un who lent support and thanked his wife Hulya Kocadon'un .


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