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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:04

President Meets with Tuna Korukent Calm

President Meets with Tuna Korukent Calm
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Taurus Mayor Hamit Tuna, Korukent participating in neighborhood meetings held in the neighborhood met with neighborhood residents.

Mersin news: Taurus Mayor Hamit Tuna, Korukent participating in neighborhood meetings held in the neighborhood met with neighborhood residents.
Korukent with the vice president and members of parliament who visited the neighborhood of the Danube, implemented projects and services they told us. Neighborhood residents showed great interest in the program came into office that since the day 10 years Taurus social, cultural and physical transformation Mersin value that highlight the Danube, is planning to do the project also has shared.
Speech, residents of Mersin showed him the love and service love further increases noted the Danube,"Taurus 10 years in the future, talked to enrich the works and projects have demonstrated. received in 2004 that Taurus and the point reached today between the very big difference. continuously producing a structure many projects we have implemented. town in the north that are part Korukent, Çağdaşkent, Okan Merzeci, Mustafa Kemal and Halkkent in the neighborhoods built in the order keeping housing our ratings very düşüktü.10 years towards the construction with our time and our predecessors period, he of the Taurus development divide can. especially in the lower part of the spaces in our unplanned construction and much more. But we Mahal us more livable in order to make asphalt and paving work than doing it the healthy and orderly location getirdik.10 years ago a bank that's not even in the Taurus currently eight bank operates. SMEs call for small, medium-sized businesses in our region flock comes. Business who want to enhance all of our citizens in our region by producing things even raised her. lives that we have made projects and working with the land and housing values ​​too much growth has happened. Taurus is now driven not people's lives, the location of their choice as a region has become,"he said.
Taurus district be in a position indicating that the Danube is constantly evolving, Korukent services rendered to the neighborhood and also gave information regarding investments. Tuna,"Korukent located in the neighborhood of 111 acres of land TOKI by allocating 612 residential units we ensured. Ministry of Health 232 acres of land by allocating 300 thousand beds Mersin Integrated Health Campus to be made the occasion we are. Metropolitan Municipality bus station to perform 85 thousand square meters and again Riot Police 22 thousand square meters of land allocation have made. Additionally 45 thousand square meters in the Youth Center, still 45 thousand square meter area Bilge Kagan Park and Sports Facility, 235 acres 2nd Hand Car Site Galleries, 137-acre open Auto Market, 60 thousand square meters Renewable Solar Power Plants such projects within the boundaries of the neighborhood was always Korukent,"he said.

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