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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:31

President Memiş:\"We must pay attention to the game played \"

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Health-Sen Chairman Memiş the text , conceived within a week of games re-staged on Turkey , said:\"It Kopani , there is not to be the voice of the oppressed .

Mersin news: Issues to get results that the solution process to sabotage , Turkey and Kurds hostile to each other and to set out , this country's unity and solidarity provision is to avoid , \"he said .
Text Memiş , Health-Sen Mersin Branch of the 4th Ordinary General Assembly attended . Subhi Suggest Teachers House held at the general Assembly , the AK Party Mersin Province President Ismail Taşpınar joined . Health-Sen Mersin Branch President ŞEMSETTİN Karadoğan, the only candidate to be conducted in plenary , with the opening speeches began. ŞEMSETTİN Karadoğan and Officer-Sen Mersin Province Representative Abdullah Steel's speech after the podium President of the text Memiş today democracy fulfill the requirements , he said. democracy in Turkey for the establishment of a very important fight given expression that Memiş , \"in the process of our country have experienced the process appeared to put it , Turkey is really the folks who value a country to come to the polls reflected the will of the nation is a country that has come from a very important point . Settled in a new culture of democracy in the countries of indigestion unfortunately it is showing up in our country is like that. If today our country strong , advanced democracy we're talking about today, our country will of the nation to the polls are reflected If we are talking and August 11 morning, a new Turkey fits if we have it thanks to you , the first of the labor has been through , \"he said .
\" on each pulse of the nation VALUES destroyed \"
Turkey August 11 morning,'New Turkey'rhetoric fits stressed that Memiş ,\"Now will of the nation to the polls reflected itself to lead the President volition chosen , tutelage periods disappear completely removed , which now blows could not be made from a country to a new Turkey. Of course, do not want Turkey today a strong mentality pushed the button again . Disheartened Turkey rosy turned into a bloodbath last 3-5 days trying to . Someone wants to continue to play through Turkey . Did not want to do this, yes they want to do . Multi-party era in Turkey after every 10 years after the 1960 games played on this nation . Was pulses . During each pulse of this country was taken back 20 years . There was the nation's values ​​. This country's resources were destroyed. Here today these unity, solidarity , brotherhood had been established at a time when the same evil forces , the same global forces and his accomplices all together to move on the condition of our country compartment , brothers fight to restart the work , \"he said .
\" ISSUE KOP not instant. ISSUE RESOLUTION PROCESS sabotage \"
in recent days, the events Kopani nothing to do with defending the Memiş , \"It's there, the oppressed become the voice is never . A solution that will achieve the results that matter to sabotage the process , Turkey and the Kurds and to set out the enemies of this country to prevent the provision of unity and togetherness , how was divided into Iraq is a matter of put Turkey in the same location . The events of recent days for her , of course, if we look to the people of a region is an attempt to show a traitor . There is never such a thing . Here folks who want to shed the street is now out loans . After the solution process is no longer likely to engage in politics they will remain almost a situation will arise . Then , in cooperation with global powers is a matter of mixing in Turkey as a nation we need to be vigilant . How the Travel actions a and be together if we have this game coming to the country's unity, togetherness ensuring all together to contribute our and this country Canakkale spirit to revive the leader of a country to together to have . That's why I played the game have to be careful , \"he said .
\" WORLD'S EYE his humanity DYING \"
world on an underdog if you have the sound of it had to be the emphasis that they Memiş ,\"thank God we're going to get . Just next door is channeled blood of our brothers in Syria , for years people have been murdered there , now that we see on television dramas almost began to seem normal to us . Israel , as always with the excuse of water in Palestine slaughtering humanity . Our brothers in East Turkestan are killed before the eyes of the world . Torn Iraq is done. Massacred democracy in Egypt . So , who promised to bring democracy to the western world is doing, remains silent . In fact, before the eyes of the world of humanity is dying. Praise to God , none of this process we remain silent , we will not , we need to kalmama . If we remain silent to them today , we görmesek them today , we were not there, the sound , the same thing could also happen to us , it will be asked on the other side of the account , \"he said .

President Memiş:\"We must pay attention to the game played \"" comments for.


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