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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 13:32

President of nature was met with Secretary General Büyükakın

President of nature was met with Secretary General Büyükakın
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İzmit Mayor Dr.

Kocaeli news: İzmit Mayor Dr. Nevzat Doğan , the city planned to evaluate projects Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary-General met with Tahir Büyükakın .
Metropolitan Municipality meetings Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Dogan Erol , Gokinen Mengüç Fevzullah writing, Chief Executive Officer, Adnan Bilgiç Associates Head Kemal Altıner, Science Affairs Vice President Murat Balaban and State Director Avni Bahadir attended. At the meeting, Vice President of Izmit Municipality of Serkan Yeğnidem , Güray Fasting and İzmit Municipality Municipal Manager Nihat took part in Cream .
Mayor of Izmit providing information about the meeting , Dr. Nevzat Dogan, \"in our province projects an evaluation meeting we did. Everything for Izmit , Kocaeli to the plan. At best, the best for the uğraşıyoruz.10 years Municipality us our city is very important work , important work has won. Whoever does so in a sense our city in many fields Ages survived. İzmit Municipality We also provide support to the development of 5 years . Izmit our more livable , more peaceful , more beautiful and more prosperous're trying to make , \"he said .

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