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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:14

President of steel , IBA and Uzel Courtesy Visit

President of steel , IBA and Uzel Courtesy Visit
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Princes Mayor Omar Faruk Celik , Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Turk Telekom Turk Telekom Aegean Region assigned to the Directorate of Foundations Director Ismail Uzel and Kenan was found in a courtesy visit to Ibadan .

Manisa news:
Princes district points of service in the public institutions and organizations with managers often come together Princes Mayor Omar Faruk Celik, this time in Manisa Turk Telekom Provincial Directorate of Turk Telekom Aegean Regional Directorate appointed Ismail Uzel and Foundations Regional Director Kenan iba met . Uzel Turk Telecom Izmir Regional Directorate at his office in visiting President of Steel, \"Manisa Turk Telekom City Manager Mr. Ismail Uzel , Turk Telekom Aegean Region was appointed Director . We also now a huge were pleased . Izmir, in his office in this visit, we are done. New task itself to be auspicious auspicious wish. Manisa with overtime we spend , we serve a very valuable administrators of our regional offices as an important task that may have us eminently happy to have . we believe that this duty also Manisa, we will be in services more will contribute . he I wish you great success , \"he said . Visit his satisfaction expressing Turk Telekom Aegean Region Director Ismail Uzel , \"our President visited me very happy. Manisa, I have a special place . Dear president, with our common denominator , our Manisa . I leave the're together ,\"he said .
President Steel more after Kenan Foundation Regional Director of IBA and met with the branch manager . Regional Directorate of Foundations consistent with a study that they are in representing the Chairman of Steel, \"especially from foundations Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Bulent Arinc , including the number of area manager , our employees the Princes behalf of the people thank you very much . Selected since the day supports all kinds did not withhold any issue on our side were . we for the first time in the place our troubles , foundations hire where to have solved . themselves to Manisa each when they arrived we were visiting , we return visit there we wanted. Contribution of the services would like to thank . Hopefully our relationship then it will continue to increase . ancestors of our heirloom the foundations to protect our a history of culture and civilization in the city of princes one of our necks debt. We also work with're going and we will protect . Aims to properly assess what is necessary will do, \"he said. Views satisfaction with the voicing of Foundations Manager Kenan Iba said, \"Mr. Mayor Omar Faruk Celik kindly visit due , thank you. Moreover foundation works with the interest due to them my gratitude . President of our duty to come since all the necessary support and care shows . then I am sure that our relations to this level , \"he said.


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