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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:38

President of steel Yenikoy \"Cemevinin the \"Word

President of steel Yenikoy \
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Princes Municipality, organized pursuit of Muharram Ashura program Yeniköy District .

Manisa news: Bektashi father of a thousand 500 people in the program where asure distribution was held. Princes Mayor Omar Faruk Celik, hailed to do Yenikoy a cem house . Photo Manisa Centers in performing 10 thousand people asure distribution at five different locations Princes Council met this time with Yenikoy people. Muharram princes, to asure program organized because the month of Governor Ismail Çorumluoğl , the princes Mayor Omar Faruk Celik, Deputy Mayor Ahmet Songü and International Kotlu , the princes, the District Police Commander, Captain Huseyin Simsek, Mufti Sinan Jahan, councilors , Bektashi Baba Arslan Turan, Bahri Mukhtar Yenikoy segment with honest and Mustafa Levent Altınkır and joined local people . The protocol was greeted with great interest by members of the public Yenikoy . President stating that they felt deeply massacre the sufferings in Kerbala Steel, \"We live in both the bediy realize a bear holy and great pain and sorrow . This month, my dear beloved Prophet grandson of our Prophet . Ali of our Lord is the incident of the martyrdom of their sons. Jot in I believe that the earth heart so with faith , its beyond feels the pain of Karbala anyone who has had their share an iota of human hearts. that we live pain still together. this is really no particular Prophet. You get in the spirit of all our martyrs including our Hussein master. We have everyone belediyesiyiz . We all love you . when we hit the road before March 30 if the task bestowed on us , everyone living in our city'this municipality my municipality I', we also could say. Because we all budget consisting of taxes paid by each party and a duty to provide services to the public. we are in this consciousness , \"he said . < br/> \"princes'< strong> wE AIM IM a BIG FAMILY cONVERSION \"
Chairman Steel , \"I hope the best service in our time together will always be Yenikoy life. We speak your opinion leaders . Needs to be done here, we will spend a life. One of them will also Cemevinin . Will operate as a cultural center Cemevi'nde the hope that we will do , not doubt about that one . This is our promise . Our goal is to convert everyone in this town a great family. Language, religion , belief , race, regardless of denomination. Everyone living in the human and Shahzad should feel like a part of the family itself . We perform temporary duty at the three-day world. If we leave a nice sound in our Art blessed us, \"he said.
Chairman Steel's speech Arslan of the Bektashi father Turan through the boiler per asure , elegy read. Turan, \"Princes Mayor Omar Faruk Celik and his crew , thank you very much for the good of asure they edit Yeniköy. Today made ​​us very happy to be here . We still feel the pain of the massacre in Kerbala in our hearts. Princes first Prophet of charity done by the Municipality of Ashura . I wish to reach the souls of all our martyrs including our lord Hussein , \"he said . Ashura distribution was carried out by members of the protocol and Bektashi father .


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