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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 21:46

President of the Assembly Flower:Chemical weapons have benefited from the coup in Egypt

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Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek,"Perhaps the most benefits of these chemical weapons was a coup in Egypt.

agenda does not match one of Egypt anymore."he said.

Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek, the assessment found in Parliament on the agenda of the Legal Year Opening at reception. flowers, on a question on the motion,"I it is not clear what will happen to the business. No one has decided yet. Even countries that appear temperamental reverse gear put this here. Will there be such an intervention, will be how to be, to what extent, who will attend will not attend, what to target, path, and what method? None of this is not clear, we are looking for something in the middle when the unborn child dress. He is said Note. There is no such thing."He said.

Flower continued by saying:"T ezkere rather than dwell on, as happens to pull over on the Family. More than 100 men died, one hair, not moved. Everyone watched as the tribunes watch gladiators fight. 100 thousand people die of conventional weapons not say anything to anyone, says the chemical gassing. How much is this the right thing? Gas to kill one after I die, huh, huh bomb. You will notice? Important human survival, cause of death an issue in the second degree ..."

another matter that dwelled on the transfer of flowers,"Let's do an intervention. Where do you do? How long since taken the precaution that the Syrian administration. Gases retained in the basement of the hospital that took hold on the top floor have the patients. Or temples ... Where do you bomb, what and how do you do?"He asked. Permits should be informed about this issue that is very public Flowers,"I think the motion is more important than this."He said.

motion for the first time in Turkey records extracted from flowers,"a certain way to do this method. Certain provisions of the Constitution, there are traditions, there are examples. Turkey sits on the looks, it makes a decision. I think a lot of the work in this part of the conversation, no practical benefit."He said.


agenda in Syria, Egypt 'I reduced the transfer of the agenda of flowers,"Egypt, what's going on. Does human rights violations there, does not it? I think it was in Egypt have been raised so that management support is a very important, perhaps the most benefits of these chemical weapons was a coup in Egypt. Egypt is no longer on the agenda does not match anyone. If we stay on the motion for a lot of these things he probably means more benefits in order to inform the public."He said.

a journalist,"Do you think that would be enough to solve the problem of intervention in Syria?"Flowers on the question,"will solve the problem does not say that, I promised to give him an answer he says."replied.

journalist,"makes it more difficult for the intervention work?"Flower-shaped response to the question,"it is difficult enough job. Nobody said nothing, only 100 thousand people are given a statement of belief. That's all. That's why I draw the necessary lessons from them in Turkey."He said.

Flowers, written by other presidents of Egypt and Syria on the question of Parliament's letter did not answer yet, he added.

President of the Assembly Flower:Chemical weapons have benefited from the coup in Egypt" comments for.


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