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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 16:14

President of the Danube , Mosques and Religious Officers Week Post

President of the Danube , Mosques and Religious Officers Week Post
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Taurus central district of Mersin Mayor Hamit Tuna,'Mosques and Religious Officials'week issued a message so .

Mersin news:
post of mosques , a place of worship there as well as our society unifying feature of spirituality strengthens the eminent places , indicating that the President Danube in mosques, offering services chaplains also for our society important values ​​, he said . Tuna, \"Mosques, worship Allah collectively is done , the sense of brotherhood , love and respect strengthened sacred places. Mosques and religious officials are inseparable . Taurus Municipality, in our town mosques, imams with the constant contact halindeyiz.toplumu our service receives mosques , schools and health centers as social facilities, our cares and within our opportunities contributions offer . March 30, 2014 after the date boundaries of the district of our expansion to 32 villages and five municipalities connect to our neighborhood, our number 67 to the yükselmiştir.merkez neighborhood as with our newly connected neighborhoods in our plans and in a scheduled manner , working mosque, our shortcomings identified is regular cleaning and maintenance yapıyoruz.b as well as the last period the cleanliness of our consciousness to instill and community awareness of the topic in order to increase the district within the boundaries of the mosque among the'most clean and beautiful mosque contest'organized . County About Mosque for the construction Mufti of allocation of land in the bulunduk.beledi as our people who provide services will continue to increase our contribution to our mosque . With these thoughts and feelings in our mosque clerics acting in an honorable congratulate , Mosques and Religious congratulate the Officers Week \"he said .

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