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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 18:29

President of the International Council of Universities Azizoğlu, gave a conference in Slovenia

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President of the International Council of Universities Azizoğlu Orhan Hikmet, Slovenia at the invitation of Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec in Bled, Slovenia Bled Strategic Forum on held on 1-3 September 2013 attended.

just with the Council of International Law Advisor İlknur Azizoğlu participating in the forum, 'Changing World, Changing Europe' gave a lecture titled. BorutPahor President of the Republic of Slovenia, Alenka Bratusek Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenian Minister of Higher Education Dr. JernejPikalo the Austrian Federal President Dr. HeinzeFicher, President of the Council of Ministers of Italy Enrico Letta, Indian Foreign Minister Preneet Kaur and attended by many distinguished guests Azizoğlu Forum, the world's political and economic problems, and assessments of the situation in Europe.

Azizoğlu universities in wealthy countries to poor countries, as well as the economic and political issues that play an important role in solving not only with each mission stressed that a clear-cut.

Islam, faith, culture and values, which are within the scope of peace, brotherhood and peace and the law of the individual's rights and universal values ​​and norms emphasizing the need to fight to regain a large Azizoğlu everyone,"We have to know that the current economic and political problems the world is struggling with these problems, but can exceed a constant environment of peace. Universities develop in such an environment, and their people can live decently areas aralarlar doors."he spoke.

Azizoğlu forum fulfills an important task in this regard, he said.

President of the International Council of Universities Azizoğlu, gave a conference in Slovenia" comments for.


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