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  • 30 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 18:13

President of the Union Calls for Bölükba

President of the Union Calls for Bölükba
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Recep Bölükbaşı white club's president , Bursaspor community , asking them to rely on footballers with coach Senol Gunes , \"We're going on a new path .

Bursa news: This way integrated Herzegovina ahead one can stand , \"he said .
Ozluce held in holy ceremony Bursaspor Chairman Recep Bölükbaşı , Bursaspor Mayor Recep Altepe , Bursaspor coach Senol Gunes , technical committee, players and fans joined . Ramadan Feast in Turkey , the Islamic world , and wish to bring to Bursaspor no Bölükbaşı , \"me and my friends at my first festival management . Hopefully, we had a successful season . In the coming days we will do our soccer players in camp to prepare in the best way you wish. To be tolerant of our community and our teacher , our football players and I want them to trust me . We're going on a new path . In this way, we integrate one can stand in front of us . When the season ends where we'll be well deserved . I believe it. I believe in this football player . Hopefully, trouble and we had a successful season , \"he said .
\"Our BURSASPOR SINGLE AGENDA ''s success \"
Bursaspor Bursaspor coach Senol Gunes community celebrating the feast , \"our everything is very clear. Community , government, the media , the crowd as a whole. We have a single agenda . He Bursaspor success , everything will be clear. Both of fair play as well as we will be successful in terms of football , \"he said .
Bursaspor in Bursa which is the symbol of the city of 3 million, one-color and team stating that the mayor Rece Altepe Bursaspor beautiful places they want to see it, everyone should contribute , he said. Bursaspor in Turkey but also in Europe an ambitious team do what they wanted underlines Altepe , said continued:
\"'s a long way , the task falls to everyone . We need to spend this season in the most efficient manner . Mr. president , management, our teacher flutters valuable . In the same way our fans , our fans to get the most beautiful results will be in unity . Here you can not handle it no problem. While we champion team with the most powerful champion of Turkey have not . This squad is not weaker than the others . We all kinds of investments , we are ready to support . What we request of our President will support the solution of problems . Because a different city of Bursa , He must not be present teams in the competition . To put this contribution should enter through the door everyone entering . We do not want those batten Bursaspor . Let them go away . Let's put outside contributions if they want to contribute . \"

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