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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 13:36

President Özhaseki And Palancıoğlu Iftar made ​​in Kepez

President Özhaseki And Palancıoğlu Iftar made ​​in Kepez
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Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki and Palancıoğlu Mayor Mustafa Talas , Kepez did iftar with the community .

Kayseri news: Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki and Palancıoğlu Mayor Mustafa Talas , Kepez did iftar with the community . Square in the neighborhood of hundreds of people attended iftar Özhaseki the president spoke , \"Where all know what you need . Nobody will do whatever it takes not worrying ,\"he said .
Özhaseki President and President have been welcomed with love by the parish Palancıoğlu . President Mustafa Palancıoğlu , Botanica problems of detecting and started to work , said:\"Football field to locate after doing Municipality on our construction will begin . Electric and water-related troubles most of the feast will be resolved before . Kepez intensive construction there . Leak structure outbidding healthy for structuring across the county zoning're doing . 1-1.5 years completed as we look forward to . acting in good faith , \"he said .
Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki the speech of Israel against Palestine, to attacks started by emphasizing . Israel's innocent massacred Muslims stated that the President Özhaseki , \"Unfortunately, the pain experienced because of what iftar dinner we nor sahuru we can do . Maybe the pain of the whole world that genocide watching . Syria in the same persecution continues. Consider Syria, where Kayseri where , but the people there up and our city is coming. Islamic world , unfortunately, is cruelty . Fortunately, our country unity and solidarity , \"he said.
President Özhaseki , Beşiktaş football field for the construction they work , recounting the \"Location determined after the work starting until the end will be completed . neighborhood of all our for the needs we are there. whatever you need will do, \"he said .
Ramadan syrup offer has been made at Kepez after Ramadan President Özhaseki and President Palancıoğlu , Başakpınar neighborhood switching to citizens and chatted. Tea also sipped his conversation with President Palancıoğlu , \"Malatya road part of high school for making our efforts in progress. Bottom made ​​about the great work was done , the transport-related Municipality new buses will get . Football field also Metropolitan Municipality with're doing . Needs is what will try to do ,\"he said . < br/> President Özhaseki the 16 towns began to serve noting that said:\"Where what you need know . big-budget work is not easy , but no one's concern should be in whatever you're doing . Başakpınar input and asphalt in our last high school's construction hopefully I'll start . Younger perfect for a sports facilities being built, and this year ends. few years ago said treatment plant, channels such as problems are solved . more livable Başakpınar strive for , no one to be concerned \"
world of Islamic scholars hopes Turkey is the transfer of President Özhaseki said:\"A you are our only hope , be strong as what happens to us are calling . Around us, within ourselves as we fall into the line of fire when we say they can not see anyone . So the people around us hopeful that our geography , we are working for it . They fought for us in Çanakkale come from Palestine , Pakistan from India came to help us . Hopefully, if we are strong in unity and solidarity around how our country would be in peace . What if we like the U.S. is strong , such as in Syria and Palestine would be fires in the Islamic world . So our problems we need to solve in unity and solidarity among ourselves . Parties, elections are all transitory , it is important to work hard in unity . Thus, our country will shed light on the areas surrounding stood up . Let us pray for all our brothers and sisters under persecution . \"

President Özhaseki And Palancıoğlu Iftar made ​​in Kepez" comments for.


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