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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 15:45

President Özhaseki in Kocasinan

President Özhaseki in Kocasinan
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Kayseri Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki Kocasinan Mayor Mustafa Celik'Get the Good'was found in the visit.

Kayseri news: Chairman Steel , President Özhaseki'ye made ​​and briefed about the areas planned implementation of urban renewal with work to do.
Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki'ye Steel President welcomed the authorities , \"the work you have done on previous district invest in Kocasinan a similar'we also wanted to do it. our work in 7 months , notably the projects we prepared about the urban transformation of the investments and all we have planned for the coming year, we want to offer you . will listen to your feedback and advice about them then we will share with the public the project , \"he said .
innovation and change in Kocasinan with the choice we pointed out that obviously felt President Mehmet Özhaseki , \"Dear Chairman Mr. Mustafa Celik has important projects. in particular, the development of neighborhood Kocasinan , renewal and transformation projects of the old urban fabric . These are in place see , we examine and come to visit Mr. our President in order to consult , \"he said . Photo via the elections despite passing a short period of 7-8 months Kocasinan successful work is an important part of consultation on the basis of the realization emphasizing that President Özhaseki ,\"Mr. Mustafa Celik'we are in constant consultation with the line . We carry out all work done through consultation . Previously we made our county in our programs in other districts such as downtown , we thought that we should not be . Reason why we are a little late for my husband about this, is that we are in constant consultation with the metropolitan municipalities and nested. We thought that the meaning of such a meeting had seen separately or something new. The reason why we do not rush to go before the other districts is because they are the Metropolitan connects the Municipality for the first time , \"he said .
The purpose of the visit made ​​for the district made ​​to see things in place and problems underlines that to identify over President Özhaseki said ; \"we realized that our district visited several times in order to make provision beforehand for these to do is work. Kocasinan and our neighborhood consists Melikgazi we know by heart . Very tall, no problem, but in any case where the needs and desires of people live does not end . At this point, attention should be on the show in every moment. It is also common sense , logic and conscience , they did make . Kocasinan and Melikgazi our municipality for years is giving this fight and was quite successful in this regard . \"Photo President Özhaseki later , her husband Mayor Mustafa done in 7 months last from steel works and primarily urban , including conversion briefing on investment to be made in the coming years the bottom .


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