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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:24

President's Day Message from Asia

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Mayor Mus Feyat Asia , has released a message due to the Eid al-Adha .

Muş news: President Asia , the victim's closeness to God and said, \"Sacrifice to God, obedience and submission with the consciousness of worshiping and His good pleasure for the sake of sacrifices the most beautiful expression ,\"he said .
President Asia , Eid due to in a message issued on the feast of the Mus , our country and the whole world wished to bring peace and happiness . In his message , the feast of the social life and the indispensable importance stated that Asia , said:\"Each of worship , as in the sacrifice of animals in the intent is essential , ie for other purposes not and only God's sake consideration must be fulfilled. Because Allah dear ones and to reach Him the believer's intention and piety is . victims of worship , the people Almighty Allah's countless blessings against şükrünü expression , the forgiveness of sins , the victim cut the family's width to attain in society , social solidarity and cooperation to ensure , religious fellowship , kinship and neighborhood laws as strengthening much wisdom is . \"
Asia ,\"Spiritual our world a different place with Eid this year together to celebrate the happiness we live. national and religious holidays, we as an opportunity , seeing festivals to increase tolerance , solidarity and a sense of solidarity by taking advantage of these holy days should further our unity and solidarity , peace and love, we should do our best to spend full days . Because such foundations were laid on nice days or union ties strengthened spoil easily . Holidays, our unity and integrity are the best answer to those who mean us . On this holiday , bitterness and resentment of the ends and respect and hope that you will love to come forward . Municipality of the feast of our citizens in the best way we have taken the necessary measures in order to spend . Our team of guards during the feast you will be in the service of our citizens . On this occasion all our citizens the most precious moment which is one of the Greater Eid extend my sincere congratulations and our city , our country and the whole world happy to bring hope , \"he said.
\"< Strong> all measures \"
President Asia , Mus Municipality, Sanitation , Police , Fire , Transportation and Parks and Gardens Directorate made ​​the necessary preparations , emphasizing slaughter locating property belonging to the municipality the slaughterhouse designated as noted. Victims of the city center developed a nice way to insure citizens Mayor calls in Asia , \"will occur with slaughter waste and garbage by the Directorate of Sanitation will be taken as soon as possible . This hurt our citizens expect awareness about throwing random garbage . By our veterinarian at the slaughterhouse slaughtered sacrificial will be kept under constant control . Gardens outside their homes , streets , parks , public spaces will not be sacrificed strictly forbidden . Cutting the victim in prohibited places required by law to citizens police fines will be applied by our office , \"he said .

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