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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 14:25

President Soze Treatment Response

President Soze Treatment Response
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The Mayor Şükrü Manavgat , the Manavgat treatment in Sand positions vacant land from the municipal sewage reacted to left .

Antalya news: The Mayor Şükrü
of Manavgat , Manavgat refinement found in the increasing scrutiny from the authorities received information. Manavgat on certain days experienced an odor problem that the public complain about Noting Sozen, said:\"Treatment, sewage issue . We here the determination made. Existing treatment about the lack of technical weakness due . Hidden secret , treatment of the release here municipality's land to are released. earlier diagnosis of this have done were warned . But still they continue last night, once again I've found . \"
official determinations made ​​stating Sozen, said:\"Environmental provincial directorate also will let you know . Simply follow up whether the fight will give . currently we do not stand in this scent . Manavgat even smell at every point in the remotest place is felt. them my people , no one has the right to live . everyone will do the task adequately . \"

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